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Weekend .. what weekend?

Triathlon Training
Triathlon Training

 “STRENGTH doesn’t come from what you CAN do. It come from OVERCOMING the things you ONCE thought you COULDN’T ” – unknown

What an amazing weekend it was! This was weekend 2 of training, since my June off month. Saturday morning we went off to Bishop’s Ridge for a group cycling session. It was really fantastic! My legs started off slow getting all warmed up, but they eventually got there.

Cycle Training in the Cradle - Photo Credit DadD
Cycle Training in the Cradle – Photo Credit DadD

We were an amazing group, the experienced and the not so experienced riders. What made it fun, was that there was never any pressure on any of us to keep up, but yes to keep pedalling and do your best! I am extremely happy that legs didn’t cramp once during the ride. Normally during the hills they start to complain, this time round, they just kept on giving and asking for more.

In total it was a 40km ride, so am hoping that we increase the distance next weekend just a tad more.

Later on Saturday afternoon, I hit the pool. Not quite brick swimming, but I hit the pool for a 2km technique training session. Pool was nice and quite, see picture above. I am enjoying the now bi-weekly pool sessions and my times are improving, so hope that means I’m getting pool fit 🙂

Sunday morning I chased hubby out of bed, to keep his promise to meet some of the members from the cycling group for some off-roading. They ended up cycling for 20km and by the sounds of it, loads of fun! It has been a few long months since he was last on his MTB, so am very happy he did it.

Hubby informed me over the weekend that the Minion Characters would be at the local Toys R Us , all part of the Minions movies release last week Friday 10th July here in South Africa.



Sadly, we got there a few hours too late. I wasn’t impressed and felt really bad for our young man and friend that would have enjoyed the experience I am sure. Next best thing was Cafe Smile , our young man knows exactly where it is. He has the best time ever when he is there. I’ve mentioned them before, but I will mention it again. This place is super cool because of their outdoor play area. Yes, there are many more coffee places with Kiddies Play area these days. This one has the parents sitting out in the play area with the kids, feels rather secure and a host of activities for all age groups .. if you are still a children that is. Smile is always busy and making a booking before you go is a pretty cool idea.

It's all about that base - Photo Credit Ms T
It’s all about that base – Photo Credit Ms T

They also have a real Pizza oven, where your kids can go and make their own pizza. I’m still not sure if this is entirely just for their benefit or for the parents. It is however loads of fun, I know our son just loves it. Watching our young man and his mate top up the pizza base ..mostly on their own, was terrific fun. They are growing up so fast.

Parents socializing
Parents socializing

While all this is happening, the parents can play catch up. The restaurant serves a decent menu for both the little ones and the big people, best is that they have friendly staff attending to your needs.

Give them a try when next seeking a child friendly venue. As a last on them, they also cater for birthday parties for the kids .. themed too if you want.

Just us catching up - Photo Credit Ms T.
Just us catching up – Photo Credit Ms T.

When we eventually got home our young man was exhausted! He had just enough energy to help me wash our bikes, played a little bit more with his own trucks and asked to be bathed. HUH! Yep .. he had, had enough. He wanted his bath and bed… but first his milo…

Needless to say, I didn’t get to go for my run. Tonight I’m going to have to get active and not relax with Madam Secretary as I’d planned. I did however, get to watch someone that inspires me in my Triathlon journey, cross the finish line with his wife. Took them just over 14 hours, but they finished and that…. is what this journey is about!

This is Ironman - Sourced Online
This is Ironman – Sourced Online

More training this week, need to get my muscles used to all the attention they are suddenly getting! The cramps need to end…

I leave you with this final quote I sourced online …


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Fair Cape …

Traffic in Cape Town .. really?
Traffic in Cape Town .. really?

 Following a rather early start back home, we made it to the airport on time. We checked the bags in and headed towards our gate for a bit of a chillax before we boarded our flight. We left our home city with a bit of a drizzle and made our way to sunny Cape Town! YES! We landed in the fair Cape to find awesome sunny weather. A wonderful change considering we’ve experienced non stop rain for a week in Johannesburg.

Hubby went to sort out the car and we received the first shock! Our accommodation that was booked a while ago .. we stood to forfeit because of administration challenges on the renters side! WTF! Needless to say hubby was fuming, JJ needed changing and a place to relax a little. This news was not helping! Following a few … ok .. MANY calls to and fro between hubby and the renter, it was finally all sorted!

We arrive at the apartment and the woman is waiting for us on the street to show us the place. First thing she says is .. “oh you’re two guys! I thought you were a family with a baby?” to which hubby and I simultaneously responded .. “but we are a family! Baby is seated at the back and pointed towards our little man sitting in his chair.” She almost fell over .. laughing! Penny finally dropped, and she also realised she lives in fair Cape after all! At this point, all the earlier happening was forgotten and peace was back in the land.

Room with a view
Room with a view

We finally entered what is to be our home for the next few days. The apartment has really beautiful views of the city’s point of interests. From where I sit blogging I have a clear view of the new eye-catching stadium this city boasts and an amazing view of one of the 7 wonders of nature in the world, Table Mountain.

It’s a quaint little place, with all the amenities one really needs when seeking a home away from home. For a family of 3 its spacious enough to allow us all to feel free, and walking distance to the ocean. The local gym part of the chain of gyms we frequent at home is round the corner, and during the ARGUS race this Sunday, we will be able to walk and watch hubby cycle his way around the city sub 4hours this year.

As we’re here for a bit of an early year break, yes sometimes one needs to have these through the year. I’m sure it’s not only me that feels the work demands so early in the year this year? So, it’s a wonderful opportunity for us as a family to relax, and take in the fresh sea air, the natural beauty around us and spend some quality time with friends and family we haven’t seen in a long while.

I’m looking forward to sharing a few sites with the family this time around. Sea Point evening strolls, Charley’s Angels bakery for a bit of “forbidden heaven”, Bo Kaap and the local winelands to name a few interesting place out here. Yes, all this before we pack our bags and head on home to face our reality.

Our little man is now passed out following a well fought day against sleep. First he refused to rest through our two-hour flight into Cape Town, only actually catching a few winks as we literally landed. Weird right, surely this is when one would expect him to be all hyper and excited, but no he will be different! On that same note, I will add that there were a few toddlers and babies on this earlish flight, and not one of them slept! Hubby is at the Argus Cycle Expo 2014 .

While they all do their thing, I thought I’d drop you all a few lines.

Now for the rest of our time here…. where’s the wine!?


Blog inspiring view
Blog inspiring view
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The weekend about to pounce …

In just under 2 hours the weekend will begin for most … This weekend has the potential of becoming quite a busy one with so many possibilities in terms of activities. Tomorrow for example JJ has swimming, and if you’re in the Cycling world you will be aware of the Cycling Expo 2013 taking place currently at the CoCa Cola Dome out in the Westrand since yesterday. After swimming is done guess where we will be? Hubby’s company has a stand at the Expo and I have my own reasons for wanting to go there …

A close friend of mine Rodney is in town with his family, we saw them in July this year which is not normal. We go back … way back to our tertiary education days in Braamfontein… since we “grew up” we will normally only see each other around this time of the year … why .. well because it’s the one of the few times he travels to Jozi, because he participates in the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge … religiously annually .. even if injured! You see, Rodney had a really bad fall back in June this year, broken hip, and almost had to endure a hip replacement op! Fortunately, he is from a family of a few qualified medical professionals who advised him on securing a second and third opinion before he actually went under the knife! Anyway, I digress, not even six months later he will be riding the 94.7 this year … Insane right!? This means we will be seeing each other and our respective families this weekend too .. I hope!

On 94.7, hubby will be participating in this race for the second year now so we’re all very excited for him and are routing that he has a fantastic cycling experience and makes it back to the finish line in a fantastic time. Yes, he best do his best to achieve it! We’ve endured countless early morning cycling sessions etc and he does seem to be a lot fitter than he was a year ago!

Fathers are examples to their children!
Fathers are examples to their children!

So yes, plenty to do this weekend … behave, have fun and remember that you’re setting an example for your children!



Busy weekend …

Our past weekend was hectic… or rather our schedule looked like it was going to be yet another busy weekend.

Saturday morning hubby went off for a 2 hour gym stint “in preparation” for his first 21.1 km race the next day. Then we were off to run as many errands we could fit into the time that was left before it was our son’s swimming lesson.

Arriving a few minutes late, yet still on time for our lesson, JJ and I rushed into the change room so that we could both change into our superhero costumes! As I fit JJ into his costume the zipper breaks! Fortunately, the area of concern was all tightly secured, so he jumps into the pool with the zipper down portraying a very “macho man” look! As the weeks go by, he is seemingly enjoying the lessons. He is kicking naturally either on his tummy or back, and is even working on standing on the step and holding onto the ledge!

Thirty minutes later we were done, changing into his tracksuit like a real pro. Biscuit in hand we were all buckled up in the car heading home. We attempted to purchase some lunch en route but our young man was too tired and asleep soon after hitting the road with his milk bottle empty. Arriving home though he was up, I took this opportunity to feed him his solid lunch and tucked him into bed for a little long nap.

While he napped I prepped his lunches and dinners for the new week and hubby caught up with the weekend news and rugby. I love cooking for JJ, trying out new recipes and combination of foods. Fortunately, he is still enjoying all his veggies for now. I do hope this will continue….

…Sunday morning “RACE DAY” I get a nudge from hubby suggesting we make it a lay in day. I’d sensed from the night before that he wasn’t mentally ready for the race. Normally I can be quite the “dictator” when I know you’ve trained and have committed to doing something. In this case I knew that he has another race, Duathlon this next week, so didn’t push back.

We had guests arriving at 1 pm, so the morning was spent getting the necessary and scrabbling back to the house so it was all neat and tidy and ready for our guests. While getting stuff for the lunch, we managed to spend a good 45 minutes getting JJ a new wardrobe. We have found that he is outgrowing a recent wardrobe update way too quickly. He is now wearing clothing fit for a 2-year-old! He isn’t even one yet … let’s see how long these lasts …

Lunch was super nice, seeing Shafie and her family was a real blessing. Her eldest son I hadn’t seen since he was 4 years old, has grown into a wonderful young man! Then I got to meet her youngest son, whom I may have met at some stage in his early years… but do not recall and can not vouch for this fact. Although he comes across as shy and reserved, I enjoyed speaking to him and getting to know him. He has such depth to him and awesome dreams… I wish them both much success and a lifetime of joy!


Shafie, you see I can spell your name correctly when I make some effort 🙂

Hope you and the boys traveled safe and are full of energy  to tackle the next chapter!

So.. just like that, a busy weekend came to an end.

Amo meus amores!