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Things to do with your toddler (Winter School Break)

Things to do with your toddler

It’s been a week into the school winter break and our son is already looking bored.

Have you found anything interesting to do around Joburg?

I asked our friendly search engine for some help and these are some of the options.

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Our Two Oceans Break…

Two OceansOver the last two years, since becoming more active on the road either cycling, running or swimming, hubby and I have tried to turn our trips to “out-of-town” races into the family breakaway. This year we’ve managed a break per quarter of 2017, taking our current life position, I’m thrilled we’ve managed Continue reading “Our Two Oceans Break…”

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School is OUT! Things to do with your toddler

School Break - Things to do

I’m stunned at how quickly we have come to the end of the first school term. Our son has certainly achieved so much this term, still that we’re already at the point that we need to have some idea of how our son will be kept active.

If that doesn’t happen, I am sure hubby will not be a happy camper as he works from home.

What have you got planned?

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School is out … what now?

School Break
School Break

I’m not sure if I’m thrilled or terrified that school break is once more upon us!

Three weeks of doing our best to keep our young man from being “bored”.  Hubby working from home is God sent, something I don’t acknowledge often enough to him. He has more flexibility with Continue reading “School is out … what now?”

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What’s been up..?

The last week has been one of those rides.. where everything seems to be happening at the same time .. Continue reading “What’s been up..?”

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Keeping my toddler busy is hard work!


Two weeks now our young man has been on school break, and this morning he wakes up and asks if he can go to school today. Either he really is enjoying Continue reading “Keeping my toddler busy is hard work!”