Mother's Day

Mother’s Day and being adopted

Mother's Day and being adoptedWith Mother’s Day just gone by, this time Darren was asked again by our son about his birth mother during his classes Mother’s Day “Spoil Mom” session.
We’ve agreed to always answer truthfully but age appropriate, that said, every time the question is asked one can’t help but feel a little pain. Natural I am sure.

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Mother's Day

DAD get’s a Mother’s Day spoil …on Slipper Day!

Letter to my hubby

Last year I asked “…why schools can’t just identify a way of including all children …” on these days. Why don’t we replace it with Parent Day, celebrated on one day in the year?

Whether it’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, it’s a day that was created to honour our parents, so why don’t we just combine it and celebrate it on the same day? We honour them both annually anyway, so why Continue reading “DAD get’s a Mother’s Day spoil …on Slipper Day!”

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Gay parenting isn’t so straight forward …

My family

This year our young man started a new school and with it, I’ve found that issues that previously didn’t matter to me .. now do. They do because they will ultimately have an impact on or affect our young man, who just happens to have Continue reading “Gay parenting isn’t so straight forward …”

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Happy Mother’s Day

First to our son’s birth mother … Thank you again for the gift of life you shared with us.

To my mother, thank you for always wanting the best for me. The sacrifices you made and continue to make, I hope I am able to be to Jeremy a portion of what you have shown me a parent should be. 

To my hubby, thank you for joining me in this journey. Embracing both roles(mom&dad) and showing me, that what matters is showing our son unconditional love.

Love you,


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Mother’s Day Pamper session at school …

Work in Progress 2
Son hard at work on dadD’s feet

Two weeks back I wrote about the Mother’s Day pamper happening at our young man’s school today. Do you recall? No? Read about it here then 🙂 Continue reading “Mother’s Day Pamper session at school …”

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Two dads.. and Mother’s day at school …

Beach Time
Beach Time

Yesterday we received this terms first newsletter from J’s school, letting the parents know of the different activities planned for the term.

One of the items mentioned was the school’s planned Mother’s Day Continue reading “Two dads.. and Mother’s day at school …”