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Why we should say “Sorry” to our toddlers

Importance of saying sorry to kidsThe other day as hubby walked out the house he waved to our son and promised him that he would be home early so that they could go out to the local park together.

By the time hubby arrived it was dark, cold and really too late to go anywhere.

There was a multitude of words from hubby to our son, but none that said:”I’m sorry”.

As kids often do, by bedtime, that he had not gone to the park as promised had been forgotten.

I have a problem with what happened though.

I don’t want their relationship to be one of empty promises and no apologies, due to the lack of ability to fulfill what you as a parent had agreed with your child. As a parent, I don’t think we should be ok with because they are still so young to understand, as a parent it then makes it OK to disappoint them and not apologize for it. Happy with the notion that “they will get over it”. Continue reading “Why we should say “Sorry” to our toddlers”

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Sex after children .. really?

No, I do not think I’m over sharing here .. I think it’s a very relevant subject … 🙂

I need, to be frank, and ask .. do couples continue to have sex after having or adopting children? Continue reading “Sex after children .. really?”

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What’s been up..?

The last week has been one of those rides.. where everything seems to be happening at the same time .. Continue reading “What’s been up..?”

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Keeping my toddler busy is hard work!


Two weeks now our young man has been on school break, and this morning he wakes up and asks if he can go to school today. Either he really is enjoying Continue reading “Keeping my toddler busy is hard work!”

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My guide for class moms when addressing letters to “same-sex” and “single dad” parents…

The Class Mom - sourced online
The Class Mom – sourced online

Dear Class Mum, Teachers and Schools,

It’s time to adapt, by adapt I don’t mean become politically correct, although many may see it as the same thing… Continue reading “My guide for class moms when addressing letters to “same-sex” and “single dad” parents…”