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What’s up dude?

Completed my first Tri!
Completed my first Tri!

This past Saturday I finally did it! Yep! I completed my very first Tri-Sprint. CradleRock a TriRockSA event, was meant to be a sprint .. but YOH! it did NOT feel like one! So much of hills wena!

I found the swim so freaking refreshing! I completed the 500m ahead of the main pack and enjoyed. It certainly tells me that the mental block is history! I have to thank my mate Minessa for introducing me to Smart-Tri leader Kristian for that. Through them, I got me some open water swimming experience, and that’s how I managed to motor it through the dam on Saturday.

The cycle transition was on the slow side. I started cramping as I got out the water and for a while as I attempted to put on my cycling shoes. Drank some water and unmounted my bike and made my way to the road. Cycle start was on an uphill. Cramp seemed to have calmed down so I mounted my bike and made my way on up the hill for 20kms. It wasn’t long and I had to get off my bike, my cramp had clearly not gone. So, instead of just chilling while everyone else cycled past me, I walked it off and stopped while I stretched me leg. It finally left me and on the bike I was playing catchup to the others and motoring like my life depended on it. Well it kinda did, I seriously wanted to finish this Tri! I had to prove to myself that I had it in me to complete it.

When it was time to run, the sun was belting it! It was seriously HOT! We carried on, and we climbed those hills and ran them down twice to complete the required 5kms.

Nothing will ever beat the smile on my hubby’s face, when he saw me cross the finish line! EVER! It made the cramps and the heat punishment all worthwhile!

One downside of the day was the lack of hydration in the running route, taking into account the heat, the least TriRock SA organisers could have done is place a watering point along the route. The other was that after all that effort they didn’t have any medals to hand out to the participants. How do you organise an event, promise medals to finishers and don’t hand these out at the finish line? I had assumed that because the sprint tri was a last-minute decision, they had no medals for us. I was wrong! The main event the day after, yesterday, also didn’t have any medals handed out!

Seriously! TriRockSA from what I’ve gathered has held these events in other provinces, so why was this event so mismanaged? When they marketed the sprint event, they targeted it at novices and those who wanted to try a Triathlon for the first time. This wasn’t very encouraging. A few tweets requesting where I can get the results from .. seem to be landing on deaf ears too. I thought reputable organizations with Social Media accounts would be more accountable?

Team Tri First Timers
Team Tri First Timers

This pic on the right is all the peeps I knew at the Tri on Saturday, attempting it for the first time. Well done Ilse, Charlene, and Fiona!

We all had hurdles to get over and we did!

Looking forward to the next one(s)! Before that though, I have a few 21km runs to complete, road cycle races and maybe some open water only swims too!

Loving all the active work and especially my coach .. hubby and family’s support!

I’m doing what I’ve always loved and has been dormant for years!