May 7th 2014

Election Day - South Africa
Election Day – South Africa

It has finally arrived!

May 7th 2014 in South Africa is election day.

Many have braved the cold and gone out to queue at the various voting stations. Good for them! Stations opened at 7am this morning and will be open all the way through to 9pm tonight. There are some, including hubby, who initially thought going off early would mean they had the day to themselves. Well, many other citizens thought the same way and the queues I’ve been informed through social media and hubby are long … so I guess it’s later for many not wanting to stay in the queues.

I do hope that the individuals that had threatened to not go and cast their votes, will have reconsidered. Assuming of course that they had registered. It’s kinda silly to sit on the side of the road and hope things will change if you didn’t cast your valuable “X” to contribute towards moving towards change?! If Google can take part, in their own way .. see pic on the left .. so CAN YOU!

On a different matter altogether. Today my cousin Nuno and dad-in-law celebrate birthdays. Can you believe that it only dawned on me this year that this was the case … LOL .. I know weird! So HepPy hApPY you two men!

Plan for the rest of the day is to chill, have some family quality time with the two men who make my family. Hopefully my cousin Marla will contact me during the day so that we can see if she can finally meet JJ today.

For now I am under me blankets, catching up with my blog, encouraging those that can vote to make their mark, and listening to CliffCentral in the background. I still haven’t decided yet if I like it or not .. It’s early days I know. The station setup is still in progress, so time will tell.

Have a good Election Day. If you’re able to vote .. please go vote! If you aren’t have a super braai!


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