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Our cold active weekend …

Son and Hubby making their way to the start
Son and Hubby making their way to the start

Early Saturday morning we packed our family car and made our way to Northern Farm. For the second year now, we opted to support the Winter Ride n Run hosted by the Redhill School and FedGroup. It was freaking cold, but our young man was super excited that we were for a change packing his bike into the car and making our way to the main road to ride it. I’ve not seen him this happy in ages. Smiling from ear to ear and kept confirming if indeed he was going to ride his bike. I was also very promptly told that I would have to wait for them while they went off on their bikes.

What are we waiting for...
What are we waiting for…

Hubby left first, I had to hold our young man back as he felt he needed to be riding off with dadD. It took some convincing that he too would be riding off soon.

When we eventually got tot he starting pen, he was like .. “What are we waiting for now..?”  We eventually left and the race was on! He road off and was loving every minute of the experience. 

I thought bottlenecks only happened in the big peoples races, apparently not! It wasn’t too long after we left that we hit our first bottleneck!

Bottleneck ... seriously
Bottleneck … seriously

If he had his way, he would have been pushing forward and bumping his front tyre onto the bike in from to get them to move out the way .. so typical of many adult MTB races! If I could read minds, I am sure his would have been screaming ..“Move it!” 

Roughing it
Roughing it

I really loved how they made the route “technical”, keeping it real in terms of what MTB is all about! The young man was loving all the ups and downs, even overtaking the slow bikes on his own. It really was too special to watch and just share this moment with him.

This was the first time we’d been back to Northern Farm since he joined the family. We loved that he was clearly having a fun time. I don’t think it will be too long before we make it a habit. I have no doubt, this young man is going to be MTB cyclist .. he loves calculated danger, this was very clear on Saturday!

Fellow Runners
Fellow Runners

So great to see both Lucy and Stevie supporting the Redhill School event as well. They both ran the 6km Trail run, while Lucy’s hubby rode the 45km MTB race.

Festive Time
Festive Time

The event itself was very well organised, number collection was quick and much better compared to last year. The public support was amazing. If the event was better communicated this year, then it is a recipe the school and FedGroup should continue to use, it definately works!

There was plenty of entertainment for the little ones, space for the riders to park their bikes post the race, loads of food  and fresh coffee to warm us up being sold to the public as well.

Next year .. try and give it a go .. 🙂




Later on Saturday afternoon it was time to support two charities via the Otter’s Annual 6.7km Fun Run Challenge .. we clearly enjoying these annual events .. well some of them anyway with great causes. The Otter’s run supports The Baby House in Lonehill and Lesedi Children’s Home. I would have loved to include a link to the Lesedi Children’s Home, but either I’ve lost my touch with searching for stuff online or they don’t have a page at the moment.

I’ve included the link to The Baby House above, so you can read up on them as well. Briefly here is an extract from their website

The Baby House Lonehill

The Baby House was founded in response to the need for 5 million children who will be orphaned by 2015 in South Africa. The Baby House is officially a place of safety for abused and abandoned babies and toddlers… our style of care however is far beyond what you would expect in a typical children’s home. We value one on one attention, loving touch and good quality nutrition, medication and therapies to assist our little ones in healing from trauma and returning to a safe world of self-discovery. We opened our doors in 2011, to date the destiny of 21 children has been radically and beautifully changed. We are based in Johannesburg and house 6 children at a time. Our vision is to create more homes, with medical facilities to accommodate victims of infant rape as well as abused and abandoned babies. In order to do this we need to increase our sustainable income and to form partnerships with corporations devoted to the care and development of our current and future generation of children.”

They will be hosting a few events from September this year to raise funds for their charity, one of which includes riding for them in the forthcoming 94.7 Cycle Challenge taking place on the 16th November. I need to chat to hubby about raising funds for our kit and entry, so that we can proudly cycle through the streets of Jozi in the colours of The Baby House and at the same time not only raise awareness of this wonderful cause, but also help raise much needed funds so that they may continue to do their wonderful work. 

Otter's Fun Run Challenge
Otter’s Fun Run Challenge

Now back to the run… having run the route last year I was in familiar surroundings and what to expect. I am happy that I managed to run more of the route than I did last year, and the “killer hill” wasn’t so deadly this year. I didn’t run all of it perhaps next year, but I did run more of it than last year…hope that counts for something?

It was well organised and reasonably well attended. As it was held on Mandela Day, I’m not sure if all the other number of events taking place across the city this year overshadowed it, as it seemed a lot more low keyed in comparison to last year.

Still, it was beautiful to see the streets crowed by both local residents and visitors alike. Everyone running the streets of the Lonehill suburb as families, including their pets. After the run there were a few stalls selling food and drinks, while the children could run around the park enjoying the late afternoon sun around the park lawns.

Again, if you’re not doing anything else next year .. why not join us and the many families supporting this great initiative?

I dropped off my boys at home and after I was sure they were both washed and fed, I was back in my car and headed back to the local gym. Saturdays as part of my #DareToTri training is made up of a morning run and a swim session in the afternoon. I did the run, now I ached to complete the swim too. The gym closes at 8pm on Saturdays, so I managed to get there with just over an hour to spare. I’ve never been to the gym and found it so empty and quiet, a pleasant change. Changing from running gear to swim was the fastest I’ve done in a while, and before long I was in the pool. It wasn’t quite a brick swim, but I was motoring through the warmish waters. A goal of 2.5km was set and I was determined to accomplish it. Just under 50 minutes later I was done! Goal under the belt, I hit the showers and was out of the gym with 10 minutes to spare before they closed for the day.

Sunday morning came way too soon for my liking. Again, I had a goal to achieve. My legs have complained that I am not giving them enough road cycling time, so that was what would be happening Sunday morning. At 6am when the alarm went off, it was still way too cold for my liking. We waited for just after 8am when we felt the outdoors was slightly much warmer and made our way to the Cradle for my “lonely” ride. Lonely, only because I wasn’t riding with anyone else I knew but there were plenty of other riders on the road. I was supported by my hubby and son throughout the ride and that made it fun. At 9h30 I was cleated and hit the road. In no time I was out of the main Lanseria road and in the slightly more quieter road of the Cradle. Having successfully ridden on my own through the worst part of the Lanseria road for me … the section of the road is narrow and there is NO bike lane! Get the picture?!

Halfway Point - The Caves
Halfway Point – The Caves

I was on a roll. My initial goal was to cycle at least 60km, but would be happy with 50km at least, but nothing less than 50! First 30km was fun and I had a great pace. Met up with son and hubby at the caves for a bit of a breather and I was back on the saddle.

For a change I was also riding past some other cyclists 🙂 and not me being left behind as per norm. At the 40km point I began to feel my quadricep femoris muscles hinting that they were tired, they let me ride past it and when I got to the top of the road I was climbing .. I stopped! Cleated off and put my foot on the ground … OUCH! I was on a major road with quite a bit of traffic and hubby with the car was a whole 5km away from me. I could have called him and asked to be collected, but I was too proud .. yes typical male. After a brief rest and water .. leg seemed ready, I cleated back onto the bike and rode past the car all the way to the 50km point! That’s when I decided it was enough….

Hubby secured the bike back onto the bike rack. I changed my cycling shoes for running and hit the road. This time for my brick run. Yeah, my friends think I’m nuts too! What’s a brick run you may be asking …well it …

…refers to training on two disciplines during the same workout.

Bricks are a very important part of triathlon (and duathlon) training, one after the other with minimal or no interruption in between, just as you would do in a race (I am sure you knew this).

Let’s just say that after that run .. my legs were begging for forgiveness!

Next week we attempt again and the weekend after until it is all very normal for my legs. Now if only I could find a way of ridding my legs of cramps …!?


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New or Not but have questions …

Modern Athlete
Modern Athlete

If like me you’re pretty new to running or perhaps you’ve been running for a while but have a few unanswered questions, then why don’t  you attend the Modern Athlete Seminar taking place tonight 16th July 2015 at 18h00? It’s FREE! and happening at the Gooderson Fabz Garden Hotel and Conference Centre . 

This is the first of many talks by Modern Athlete, and tonight they have Rene Kalmer who will be sharing about her journey to the Rio Olympics taking place next year 2016,  5th to 21st August in Rio de Janeiro.

Rene Kalmer - sourced online
Rene Kalmer – sourced online
Running Coach - Ray Orchinson (sourced online)
Running Coach – Ray Orchinson (sourced online)

Followed by coach Ray Orchison who will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding training, fitness and more.

There will be loads of prizes and giveaways, so be sure to book your seat and join the talk!

Promises to be an interesting evening and time well spent!

Now, if like me you’re not only interested in running but also cycling, don’t be fretting.

Complete Cyclist - Bryanston
Complete Cyclist – Bryanston

The team at Complete Cyclist will be hosting a “Shop Talk” on the 22nd July 2015. They plan to touch on how to make your training count, train with power vs your heart rate, use your power for more specific training when you’re on the clock and share on some of the power training tools and equipment you could use. 

This is an excellent opportunity for you that’s looking to improve on the experience you’ve already acquired or to find your way to optimize your cycling experience if you’re new to the cycling world.

The talk will be held by the husband and wife team of Nicholas and Diane White from the White Inc company. Nic an ex-pro cyclist has 13 years cycling experience, and has been cycling in some form since he was 15. You also get to meet the man who won the inaugural 94.7 Cycle Challenge in 1997.

Di, at the age of 12 completed her first Cape Argus Cycle Tour, and won her age group category. She has been in cycling for many years and enjoys both Road and MTB disciplines. Nic and Di created their company White Inc in 2014 to assist clients achieve their goals while still have fun while cycling.

This cycling talk is proudly brought to us by the Modern Cyclist magazine and starts at 18h30 on the 22nd July, at the Complete Cyclist Bryanston Store.

See you there!


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It’s the weekend Baby!

clothing april
clothing april

Yep the weekend is upon us once more. Do you too feel like it got here rather fast?

What’s on your agenda for the weekend?

For us it promises to be yet another one with loads of activities, I’m not entirely convinced it’s the best way. As lately all our weekends just seem to be hectic, and leaves me wondering if we achieved much really.

This weekend is the official launch for 4Kidz, I mentioned it on this post. I am looking forward to it and hoping that there will be something amazing for our young man.

biking april
biking april

There’s also my first road ride since June last year. With the arrival of JJ I stopped cycling last year and just haven’t seemed to gotten the energy to get back on the bike and hit a few miles be it on or off road. Sad really, as I was starting to enjoy it. Read that last comment as “I stopped falling too often ..” Hubby and I will be riding it together. He is great like that, and from all indications coming from his side of the world, it’s what he wants us to do going forward, that is ride races together! Sweet isn’t he ..

The other reason I need to get my cycling into gear is that I’ve officially entered us both in this years 94.7 Cycle Challenge .. so I need us to us .. actually me .. to start putting some serious mileage into these legs. This race will be the start I hope. We’re starting off slow, we doing the 41KM .. and will gradually pick up the mileage to eventual equal as close to 100 as possible. When we’ve completed these we hope to also add the Argus to the list of races we will complete together .. wish us luck .. more pray I finish please!

cupcakes april
cupcakes april

We then have Sunday afternoon, this is normally the time I bake and cook for the family. Roast for dinner and some serious dessert or two ..

I took note that this morning there was an order placed .. but rather sly about it too.. for cupcakes. I love a good challenge .. that I do. So this weekend I will be putting into good use the cupcake recipe and icing book generously given to me as a birthday present by Nadia.

Perhaps my post of the weekend will reveal a thing or two.

There definitely will be cupcakes .. and deep down am hoping I’m able to share with you my finishing medal and a decent time too.

What have you got planned?



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He stands alone ….

Bath time we love
Bath time we love

This weekend started like all the others .. with the exception that we had hubby carbo-loading in preparation for his second Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge today. The evening was wet and miserable so even if we wanted to go out … there was no chance in that mini storm!

Saturday started off rather chilled, hubby was taking it easy so as not to put any unnecessary pressure before his big race. We started the day off slow, with a lay in before we could not put off starting the day anymore as a swimming lesson awaited us.

At 11h00 off we went as a family to the pool, for some reason as much as JJ loves swimming the last two lessons have not been the best experience .. for him or me! He will do the standard laps, jump up and down in the water, splash and kick .. but when it comes to learning to pull himself out the water and humpty dumpty back in … he wont stop crying! Why? We do the very same steps at home and he is laughing and smiling the whole time we are in the water …

Straight after swimming dadD had to show face at the local Cycling Expo at the Dome, pram, lunch and change of clothing for JJ off we went into the Dome. Earlier this year we were at the Argus Expo in Cape Town and prior to that we were at this very same expo in 2012 … with both these memories relatively still fresh in my mind, this year’s expo was rather low key in comparison.

Cycle Challenge 94.7
Cycle Challenge 94.7

On the plus side I managed to bump into a few friends from my previous life who were riding the 94.7 this year! My old mate Rodney eventually met up with dadD and JJ along with his little boy Eli, we spent a few minutes together catching up before JJ made it very clear that he had had a long enough afternoon and needed to have a bit of a snooze… We got home and it wasn’t long before JJ and I hit the sack and were out for the count … dadD stayed up catching up with rugby.

Sunday we were up bright and early as hubby had to be in his batch by 7h00, his start time was 7h30. Having prepped the night before, early morning on Sunday was set aside to shower, dress, fill his bottles and make sure his bike was ready one more time. Just after 6h00, dadD was on the road cycling his way to the starting line. At home JJ and I went back to bed and snoozed for another our, me … while JJ managed to snooze for 3 hours before he decided he’d had enough and wanted chill out with dadE. He had a quick bath before we had some lunch. To while away our time we danced around to HeartFM 104.9 all the way from Cape Town, when JJ decided he would surprise me and stand on his own! Yes! Oh I was the proudest dad for that brief moment he stood there. I am very sure, from his reaction to the achievement, that he had surprised himself too! He managed to repeat it a few more times for me before he temporarily got bored with it all and resorted to playing with his toys.

While all this was taking place, dadD rode himself right around our beautiful city all the way back home. He managed to do it all in 3h44 according to his GARMIN. JJ and I are so proud of him for his achievement! We were both part of his short training programme for this race, so we honestly do believe if he put more effort to training for it next year .. he has the potential of doing a sub3 in 2014!

DadD goes cycling
DadD goes cycling

Next we’re focusing on two major races in the first quarter of 2014, first one will be the 21.1km DISCHEM Race in January, followed by the ARGUS. Hubby has planned to start prepping for the first of the two already, and doing a few rides in between I am sure.

This also means that my year off has come to an end. During the holidays I have to re-start my cycling again. I have challenged a friend to the MTN MTB 20km race in Dullstroom early next year. Nthabi has accepted and completed all the challenges I placed before her this year .. so it’s only fair I do the same next year. Truth be told I will only be helping myself  .. aren’t I !?

… and that as they say was our weekend in a nutshell!


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The weekend about to pounce …

In just under 2 hours the weekend will begin for most … This weekend has the potential of becoming quite a busy one with so many possibilities in terms of activities. Tomorrow for example JJ has swimming, and if you’re in the Cycling world you will be aware of the Cycling Expo 2013 taking place currently at the CoCa Cola Dome out in the Westrand since yesterday. After swimming is done guess where we will be? Hubby’s company has a stand at the Expo and I have my own reasons for wanting to go there …

A close friend of mine Rodney is in town with his family, we saw them in July this year which is not normal. We go back … way back to our tertiary education days in Braamfontein… since we “grew up” we will normally only see each other around this time of the year … why .. well because it’s the one of the few times he travels to Jozi, because he participates in the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge … religiously annually .. even if injured! You see, Rodney had a really bad fall back in June this year, broken hip, and almost had to endure a hip replacement op! Fortunately, he is from a family of a few qualified medical professionals who advised him on securing a second and third opinion before he actually went under the knife! Anyway, I digress, not even six months later he will be riding the 94.7 this year … Insane right!? This means we will be seeing each other and our respective families this weekend too .. I hope!

On 94.7, hubby will be participating in this race for the second year now so we’re all very excited for him and are routing that he has a fantastic cycling experience and makes it back to the finish line in a fantastic time. Yes, he best do his best to achieve it! We’ve endured countless early morning cycling sessions etc and he does seem to be a lot fitter than he was a year ago!

Fathers are examples to their children!
Fathers are examples to their children!

So yes, plenty to do this weekend … behave, have fun and remember that you’re setting an example for your children!