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Is technology killing our family life?

Do we spend more time on technology than engaging with our kids?

The last few weeks I’ve picked up that our son is in his own way, yet subtle, demanding more engagement with me. I guess it could be any number of things contributing to this. Reflecting though, and looking around us at home there was one major, you can’t miss it, sign. Continue reading “Is technology killing our family life?”

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Critical Mass Cycle with Kidical Berario 

KidicalMass Cycling - Berario

For a while now I’ve been keen to get our son cycling with other kids, for no reason other than to boost his cycling confidence and away from the iPad.

Last week hubby mentioned that there was a group called Kidical Mass – Berario. An unofficial “Critical Mass” bicycle pace around the suburb of Berario as per the groups Facebook page.

Sounded fun.

Off we went. I was extremely surprised by the turnout… quite large for a Sunday afternoon. Continue reading “Critical Mass Cycle with Kidical Berario “

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Father’s Day 2017… Gift Ideas

Father's Day 2017

If you are a regular reader, you will be familiar with my feelings about Father’s and Mother’s Day. They should both be cancelled and replaced by one, a Parent’s Day. One day in the year, be it commercial or not, that we can appreciate our parents.

For now, it’s there in our calendars every year.

Schools make a fuss about.

The ever-growing number of stores at the malls and shopping centres milk it.

And there’s really not much we can do about it.

So …  Continue reading “Father’s Day 2017… Gift Ideas”

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Saying goodbye to our Dachshie …

Goodbye to our Daschie

Last night we said goodbye to our boy Dachshund called Pépé… Continue reading “Saying goodbye to our Dachshie …”


Easy Crunchies to make with your toddler

Crunchies Recipe

It’s definitely getting cooler, just glad it’s not as cold as last weekend. To help us stay warm and because our son needs some snacks for his school outing next week I decided to try this crunchies recipe.

I found it quick and easy, but most importantly … delicious!  Continue reading “Easy Crunchies to make with your toddler”

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day and being adopted

Mother's Day and being adoptedWith Mother’s Day just gone by, this time Darren was asked again by our son about his birth mother during his classes Mother’s Day “Spoil Mom” session.
We’ve agreed to always answer truthfully but age appropriate, that said, every time the question is asked one can’t help but feel a little pain. Natural I am sure.

Continue reading “Mother’s Day and being adopted”

Mother's Day

DAD get’s a Mother’s Day spoil …on Slipper Day!

Letter to my hubby

Last year I asked “…why schools can’t just identify a way of including all children …” on these days. Why don’t we replace it with Parent Day, celebrated on one day in the year?

Whether it’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, it’s a day that was created to honour our parents, so why don’t we just combine it and celebrate it on the same day? We honour them both annually anyway, so why Continue reading “DAD get’s a Mother’s Day spoil …on Slipper Day!”

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Can I use the toilet … ALONE?

Parents using toilets ALONE
source: Pinterest

This weekend chatting to a couple of mothers it became blatantly clear, that it’s quite Continue reading “Can I use the toilet … ALONE?”

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Our Two Oceans Break…

Two OceansOver the last two years, since becoming more active on the road either cycling, running or swimming, hubby and I have tried to turn our trips to “out-of-town” races into the family breakaway. This year we’ve managed a break per quarter of 2017, taking our current life position, I’m thrilled we’ve managed Continue reading “Our Two Oceans Break…”

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School is OUT! Things to do with your toddler

School Break - Things to do

I’m stunned at how quickly we have come to the end of the first school term. Our son has certainly achieved so much this term, still that we’re already at the point that we need to have some idea of how our son will be kept active.

If that doesn’t happen, I am sure hubby will not be a happy camper as he works from home.

What have you got planned?

Continue reading “School is OUT! Things to do with your toddler”