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School is OUT! Things to do with your toddler

School Break - Things to do

I’m stunned at how quickly we have come to the end of the first school term. Our son has certainly achieved so much this term, still that we’re already at the point that we need to have some idea of how our son will be kept active.

If that doesn’t happen, I am sure hubby will not be a happy camper as he works from home.

What have you got planned?

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Two proud dads … and a bike

Father and Son

Welcome to 2017, this being my first post this year.

Can you believe that by next week the first month of the year is over!

Although I started work mid-way through the month, it feels like I’ve already been back one-quarter already.

How has your first month been?

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When Kids Bite Their Mates

When Toddlers Bite

Yesterday hubby picked up our son and was informed that one of the other children in our son’s class decided to take a bite of our son! According to the teacher, they were all outside when the incident happened.

Like really!?

Last year we had a similar incident at the playschool. Both times as per feedback from the teachers, it was unsolicited.

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Nail Biting Toddler

Nail Biting Toddler - sourced online

Recently our young man’s nail-biting seems to have increased. It used to happen on the odd occasion but now seems to be taking place more often. While we driving, watching TV, at school. It’s not just his fingers, but also apparently his toes too!

I wasn’t too concerned initially, but this weekend he bit his one finger raw to the point it began to bleed. Adding to this hubby had a chat with his class teacher who mentioned that his nail-biting is increasing.

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Why it’s important to develop your child’s ball skills…

Child development ball skills

Our son has been on holiday for a week now, we survived it somehow with little to no complaints of being bored or being asked to go to school. When he asks to go to school, it’s a clear Continue reading “Why it’s important to develop your child’s ball skills…”

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Sports days are long …

Wednesdays are going to be extra long days for our young man. Ok it’s only another hour but knowing him, that hour feels like a whole afternoon for him. Continue reading “Sports days are long …”

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Our son .. and his fake crying!

SONY DSCThe young man has developed a rather annoying habit, if he doesn’t get his way … then it’s all tears that get switched on and off so quickly, Continue reading “Our son .. and his fake crying!”

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Toddler seems to always have a cold ..

Runny nose
Runny nose

Seriously now, when does the runny nose season stop with the toddler? During school break we’re fine, but two days into school and our toddler has the sniffles. We’re either saying “bless you” every other minute or rushing to wipe the snot off his face.

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Special Family Moments created..

Supporting local community police run
Supporting local community police run

Friday evening, my sister was in town for a Ladies Church Conference. So, we met for a quick meal at home, before I had to take her back to her hotel. Her visit was so short, Continue reading “Special Family Moments created..”

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I need another day to recover from this weekend ….

Georgie and Derick
Georgie and Derick

Yep I seriously do! This weekend was jam packed with activity. If it wasn’t training it was us off to something or other that had been committed to our young man. I’m thrilled it all worked out well though and can’t wait for next weekend.

Group Training
Group Training

Saturday morning I was up at the break of dawn and hit the gym for their 90 minute Spinning class. I’ve not been for a Saturday morning session in a while, so was looking forward to a serious workout. Morgan our young instructor did not disappoint. She woke up on a mission and was determined to deliver or perhaps it was more a case of ” I will show them” because she was told quite late on Friday evening that she had been allocated the first call. Whatever the reason, she had us climbing hills, some endurance pacing and speeding periods.

I’m all about the music, so was very pleased that her music complimented her training really well and although 60% of the class left after 60 minutes, we all had fun.

This training session done, I had about an hour to basically get ready for my next session. My favourite discipline in the Triathlon, swimming. The #DareToTri coach Derick had organised a swim workshop for all us novices and the seasoned triathletes who wanted to participate as well. Off to the Eastrand I went, super glad that for a change the highway was sans accidents on either side of the road. Derick arranged for Georgie Thomas from Total Immersion to spend a few hours with us, sharing her experience in open water swimming and Triathlons. Following about just over an hour of valuable theory, sharing tips on how to tackle waves when swimming in the sea, we then hit the water for another hour fine tuning our swimming technique. Looking around during the theory session, it was a great sight looking at my fellow teammates as they were all so engaged by Georgies English accent and the informative information she was sharing. For me this session was just another reassurance for me that we are in great hands with Derick, for much of the information shared by Georgie is what he has shared with us to date.

Swimming done, I was pumped up to tackle the Pirates 10km Run/Walk today. I had been warned that their route was mainly hills for the bulk of the race .. 7/10km to be honest. Coach Derick is always pushing for us to face those hills when training, so I was following his orders.

Pirates 10km Run
Pirates 10km Run

It was super cold this morning when we got to the Pirates Club, and it was such a pleasant surprise to not have to wait to find parking. Leaving your car behind and praying that it would be intact when we finished our run. I had not pre-entered the race so had to still purchase my entry. This was organized coax, in a nice way. Coax in that it wasn’t immediately clear where I had to go in order to buy my entry, but organized because once I’d figured it out, the whole process was fast. Actually it’s thanks to hubby who standing on the greens away from the masses had seen a gap and let me know .. 🙂

When I started the run I had told myself it was a training run, not going for time or beating my personal best but more to get some much needed milage on my legs. Last time I had done some road running was back at the Colgate 15km race a few months back. I tried not to focus on the hills and running my own race, so after about 2kms with Lucy and her husband Daniel, they left me and I ran the rest of the race on my own. Looking at my pace with them, I was running way faster than I normally do. I found my groove and kept to it. Managed to run most of the hills and run/walk the others. The route was leafy and super scenic. Only downside was that hubby and our young man were not permitted to participate as prams were not permitted… or so we thought. Next year we know better as there were a few prams on the route. 62 minutes later I was finished. Super chuffed with my time, especially as already mentioned I didn’t feel fit enough for it. The added bonus is that I’d completed leg milage in all three Triathlon disciplines .. yes I am well aware that Spinning and indoor swimming don’t equate to the open waters and road cycling that I will be facing in the Triathlon.

Needless that was part of the active weekend …..


You may recall in my previous post that DSTV was hosting a Kids Xtravaganza out at VodaWorld. Most of it was a fantastic experience for our young man. The DSTV team had arranged for us to be picked up from the car park and transported to the main building where the show was taking place. First words out of our young man’s mouth were … “we going in a taxi dad” … yep this was one of those minibuses also known as taxis out here.

There was plenty of direction to where we had to go, and within the theatre we were ever so efficiently shown to our seats by the most polite usher. Just before the show started, the hostess asked us to all move towards the middle. We found an unoccupied bean bag and plonked our young man on it. He was in his element!

The show begun with Katy from the I Can Cook show, a show targeted and the little older children with a much longer attention span. The Teletubbies followed once her show was done, and by this time the toddlers were all a little fidgety and frankly bored. Surely the shows should have been the other way round? The songs used as background for the Teletubbies were not typical of the show, and once it was all over, all of 5 minutes .. the Teletubbies were off the stage never to be seen again. #disappointing

We moved onto a vibe Fun Zone, with much activity for the kids to enjoy of all age groups. Here we found a photo booth for those interested in to take pictures with mini Teletubbies. Really! You have the life size ones around and you make us take photos with these mini ones! We didn’t bother. Moved over to the carosel that was popular and the ball pits. Overall 7/10 experience.

Dads and our young man
Dads and our young man

At 10h30 this morning we made our way to Montecasino as they were showing Ed Jordan’s Beautiful Creatures. The air had a slight chill to it, and the sun was showing its face. We found our spot and that’s where we stayed through the show.

If you get the chance, do take you little ones to it. It’s currently FREE when at Monte. The performance deal with real life topics such as abuse and appreciating that we’re all different and that doesn’t make one set better than the other.

The performers had all of the children wanting to go on stage to come on and dance with them for a minute. It was such a warm sight as all the kids had a ball of a time on stage.

Once it was all over, it was home and to bed. Our young man was exhausted! Five minutes after hitting the pillow he was out.

Active weekend! But I loved it!

Hope you had a great one too…..It was amazing to see how our young man is evolving and growing.