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When Kids Bite Their Mates

When Toddlers Bite

Yesterday hubby picked up our son and was informed that one of the other children in our son’s class decided to take a bite of our son! According to the teacher, they were all outside when the incident happened.

Like really!?

Last year we had a similar incident at the playschool. Both times as per feedback from the teachers, it was unsolicited.

Does my son give out some serious “bite me” pheromone? Continue reading “When Kids Bite Their Mates”

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Why it’s important to develop your child’s ball skills…

Child development ball skills

Our son has been on holiday for a week now, we survived it somehow with little to no complaints of being bored or being asked to go to school. When he asks to go to school, it’s a clear Continue reading “Why it’s important to develop your child’s ball skills…”

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Two year Grade 12 Certificate…

Snr Cert.Last week there was an article in BusinessTech about the government proposing that learners who fail Grade 11 twice would be permitted to write their Grade 12 final exams over two years. Why?

In my opinion, if you haven’t Continue reading “Two year Grade 12 Certificate…”

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Hiking Hennops Trails with 4 year olds …

Hiking Trail
Hiking Trail

This past weekend our son’s class mom arranged a fantastic get together for the parents and their kids at Hennopstrails. It’s one of those places we tend to drive past not taking too much notice of it. It’s literally a short drive (less than 45 minutes) from Joburg a real Continue reading “Hiking Hennops Trails with 4 year olds …”

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School Picnic …

Parent Picnic
Parent Picnic

Perhaps it is me with the chip .. but I’m really having a hard time with the class parents for our J’s class! Hubby was class parent in our son’s old school and I admired his efforts then, Continue reading “School Picnic …”

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BAcK to schooL

Back to School
Back to School

Term 2 started yesterday and I say that with a sigh of relief … not just for me but I think too for our young man! Last week he was already asking Continue reading “BAcK to schooL”

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My guide for class moms when addressing letters to “same-sex” and “single dad” parents…

The Class Mom - sourced online
The Class Mom – sourced online

Dear Class Mum, Teachers and Schools,

It’s time to adapt, by adapt I don’t mean become politically correct, although many may see it as the same thing… Continue reading “My guide for class moms when addressing letters to “same-sex” and “single dad” parents…”

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Excited about school are we …?

At school
At school with his teacher

We’re into the second week of school and our young man finally seems to have settled into the new system. First two days were smooth sailing, he was running into class and waving .. more like shooing us away … goodbyes.  Continue reading “Excited about school are we …?”

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New School .. New Friends … New Teacher .. Oh dear!

We survived day 1
We survived day 1

All during the school break we shared with our little boy how he was about to start at a new school this year. He learnt his new teacher’s name and would inform all that were keen to know what Continue reading “New School .. New Friends … New Teacher .. Oh dear!”

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Term 3 already?!

It's almost the end of a phase
It’s almost the end of a phase

Seriously, where has this year gone?! I’m sure it’s not only me that feels this year is flying by so fast. It feels like it was just the other day I posted about us starting to potty train our young man, remember this entry? Continue reading “Term 3 already?!”