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Life as a Stay-At-Home-Dad


Growing up I don’t recall ever hearing or knowing of a household with a stay-at-home-dad. It was always the mother’s who brought up the kids. I still travel home to Swaziland frequent enough to know that although I still don’t know of any stay-at-home-dads, there are more mothers working today. In South Africa, it’s a different story. There seems to be a growing trend of men opting to stay at home rearing the children while the partner goes off to a 9 to 5 job.

According to Statistics South Africa reported back in 2012 that there were about 60,000 stay-at-home-dads in South Africa. This trend is being fueled by the country’s economic difficulties, company retrenchments that force some dads to work from home supported if they are fortunate, by a domestic helper. However, the cost of childcare are on the rise, so couples sometimes see the option of dad staying at home as the most feasible.  Continue reading “Life as a Stay-At-Home-Dad”

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Our Moroccan Barber Grooming Experience

Moroccan Barber JHBOur son is not one for haircuts.

If he could get away from having one he would.

Nothing has every happened, at least that we’re aware of, that would have put him off.

We’ve gone to a few places, always ending in tears and screams and us having to pay for a barely finished haircut.

Until we came across the Moroccan Barber’s Facebook page. We decided to try them out and what would you know, our son is almost 100% comfortable having his hair cut here.  Continue reading “Our Moroccan Barber Grooming Experience”

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Saying goodbye to our Dachshie …

Goodbye to our Daschie

Last night we said goodbye to our boy Dachshund called Pépé… Continue reading “Saying goodbye to our Dachshie …”

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Can I use the toilet … ALONE?

Parents using toilets ALONE
source: Pinterest

This weekend chatting to a couple of mothers it became blatantly clear, that it’s quite Continue reading “Can I use the toilet … ALONE?”

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Our Two Oceans Break…

Two OceansOver the last two years, since becoming more active on the road either cycling, running or swimming, hubby and I have tried to turn our trips to “out-of-town” races into the family breakaway. This year we’ve managed a break per quarter of 2017, taking our current life position, I’m thrilled we’ve managed Continue reading “Our Two Oceans Break…”

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School is OUT! Things to do with your toddler

School Break - Things to do

I’m stunned at how quickly we have come to the end of the first school term. Our son has certainly achieved so much this term, still that we’re already at the point that we need to have some idea of how our son will be kept active.

If that doesn’t happen, I am sure hubby will not be a happy camper as he works from home.

What have you got planned?

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Gay Couple Adopting – The Mommy Question


Gay Couple Adopting - The Mommy Question

When hubby and I made the decision to embark on our adoption journey, we knew very well that at some point our new family would be asked the question ” Where’s mommy?”

We knew that the question would come from different sources.

As much as you think you will be ready for when the question pops up, from my personal experience I don’t think you will ever really be ready for it.

The question pulls at your heart.

Although the question is asked with no malice, usually, I felt at the time… Continue reading “Gay Couple Adopting – The Mommy Question”

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5 Lies we tell our toddler …

5 lies we tell our toddlersLately, I’m finding that the “bribe” with sweets or ice cream isn’t working as well as it used to. I”m having to resort to “white”.

I’m quite confident I’m not the only parent that has done that or still does.

The lies aren’t meant to harm him, but yes to get him to finish something.

Some lies we tell …

Continue reading “5 Lies we tell our toddler …”

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Two proud dads … and a bike

Father and Son

Welcome to 2017, this being my first post this year.

Can you believe that by next week the first month of the year is over!

Although I started work mid-way through the month, it feels like I’ve already been back one-quarter already.

How has your first month been?

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Toddler and the sugar rush … is it real?

Sugar Rush

You always hear about a toddler being hyper or on a sugar rush, if we feed them too much sugar infused snacks. Up until recently, I honestly didn’t believe it to be true. Perhaps, to be honest, I thought our son was immune to it. until recently that is…

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