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Nail Biting Toddler

Nail Biting Toddler - sourced online

Recently our young man’s nail-biting seems to have increased. It used to happen on the odd occasion but now seems to be taking place more often. While we driving, watching TV, at school. It’s not just his fingers, but also apparently his toes too!

I wasn’t too concerned initially, but this weekend he bit his one finger raw to the point it began to bleed. Adding to this hubby had a chat with his class teacher who mentioned that his nail-biting is increasing.

Hubby was concerned.  Continue reading “Nail Biting Toddler”

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If your soulmate died tomorrow … would you be recognized?

Imagine this scenario…

You meet your soul mate

You and soul mate decide to move in together after six month

You and soul mate decide to buy a house together

You and soul mate “believe” you will live forever

Tragedy strikes, you or your soul mate is involved in an accident and die

It’s funny that when we’re in love, it feels like we will live forever Continue reading “If your soulmate died tomorrow … would you be recognized?”

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Sex after children .. really?

No, I do not think I’m over sharing here .. I think it’s a very relevant subject … 🙂

I need, to be frank, and ask .. do couples continue to have sex after having or adopting children? Continue reading “Sex after children .. really?”

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We’re so “busy” …so full of excuses ….

We’re so busy with “life” that we “forget” that our parents are getting older..

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hAPpY BirThdAY Son

J and I 2015
J and I 2015

Dear J,

I still pinch myself to make sure that I’m not dreaming. I’m eternally grateful that you chose us to be your parents, and honoured that God has allowed us to share and celebrate another year of life with you.

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Is there a difference on who parents a child?

The Family
My Family

Our young man has three dads and a mom, yep you read that right…. This post was prompted following a recent incident in our lives.  Continue reading “Is there a difference on who parents a child?”

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Special Family Moments created..

Supporting local community police run
Supporting local community police run

Friday evening, my sister was in town for a Ladies Church Conference. So, we met for a quick meal at home, before I had to take her back to her hotel. Her visit was so short, Continue reading “Special Family Moments created..”

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End of Term …

End of term - Sourced online
End of term – Sourced online

I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of yet another term. No more shipping the child to school so that they’re entertained by their teacher for half the day, the next few weeks will be my responsibility to keep our young man from bored!

We had our first Parent meet the Teacher meeting this week. I recall my parents going to them when I was in Primary school, and always waiting to hear the feedback from these sessions. Yes, I was always excelling, so expect the same from our son .. #thepressure .. I know!

Overall, our young man is making me extremely proud at school. Respectful, Obliging, Social, Interactive are just some of the words his teacher used when she spoke of him. Can you see how big our heads are now 🙂

Of course, there has to be a balance, so there are areas for development. Nothing serious, but we want to make sure that we address these now. You know, the “why leave it for later when you can do it now thingie” ….So I’m busy plotting a plan for the holidays and after school activities for our super Home Engineer , that I hope will assist our young man embrace his challenges and excel in term 3.

Now to find ways to keep him entertained … hmmm.. without the iPad that is ….


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Weekend .. what weekend?

Triathlon Training
Triathlon Training

 “STRENGTH doesn’t come from what you CAN do. It come from OVERCOMING the things you ONCE thought you COULDN’T ” – unknown

What an amazing weekend it was! This was weekend 2 of training, since my June off month. Saturday morning we went off to Bishop’s Ridge for a group cycling session. It was really fantastic! My legs started off slow getting all warmed up, but they eventually got there.

Cycle Training in the Cradle - Photo Credit DadD
Cycle Training in the Cradle – Photo Credit DadD

We were an amazing group, the experienced and the not so experienced riders. What made it fun, was that there was never any pressure on any of us to keep up, but yes to keep pedalling and do your best! I am extremely happy that legs didn’t cramp once during the ride. Normally during the hills they start to complain, this time round, they just kept on giving and asking for more.

In total it was a 40km ride, so am hoping that we increase the distance next weekend just a tad more.

Later on Saturday afternoon, I hit the pool. Not quite brick swimming, but I hit the pool for a 2km technique training session. Pool was nice and quite, see picture above. I am enjoying the now bi-weekly pool sessions and my times are improving, so hope that means I’m getting pool fit 🙂

Sunday morning I chased hubby out of bed, to keep his promise to meet some of the members from the cycling group for some off-roading. They ended up cycling for 20km and by the sounds of it, loads of fun! It has been a few long months since he was last on his MTB, so am very happy he did it.

Hubby informed me over the weekend that the Minion Characters would be at the local Toys R Us , all part of the Minions movies release last week Friday 10th July here in South Africa.



Sadly, we got there a few hours too late. I wasn’t impressed and felt really bad for our young man and friend that would have enjoyed the experience I am sure. Next best thing was Cafe Smile , our young man knows exactly where it is. He has the best time ever when he is there. I’ve mentioned them before, but I will mention it again. This place is super cool because of their outdoor play area. Yes, there are many more coffee places with Kiddies Play area these days. This one has the parents sitting out in the play area with the kids, feels rather secure and a host of activities for all age groups .. if you are still a children that is. Smile is always busy and making a booking before you go is a pretty cool idea.

It's all about that base - Photo Credit Ms T
It’s all about that base – Photo Credit Ms T

They also have a real Pizza oven, where your kids can go and make their own pizza. I’m still not sure if this is entirely just for their benefit or for the parents. It is however loads of fun, I know our son just loves it. Watching our young man and his mate top up the pizza base ..mostly on their own, was terrific fun. They are growing up so fast.

Parents socializing
Parents socializing

While all this is happening, the parents can play catch up. The restaurant serves a decent menu for both the little ones and the big people, best is that they have friendly staff attending to your needs.

Give them a try when next seeking a child friendly venue. As a last on them, they also cater for birthday parties for the kids .. themed too if you want.

Just us catching up - Photo Credit Ms T.
Just us catching up – Photo Credit Ms T.

When we eventually got home our young man was exhausted! He had just enough energy to help me wash our bikes, played a little bit more with his own trucks and asked to be bathed. HUH! Yep .. he had, had enough. He wanted his bath and bed… but first his milo…

Needless to say, I didn’t get to go for my run. Tonight I’m going to have to get active and not relax with Madam Secretary as I’d planned. I did however, get to watch someone that inspires me in my Triathlon journey, cross the finish line with his wife. Took them just over 14 hours, but they finished and that…. is what this journey is about!

This is Ironman - Sourced Online
This is Ironman – Sourced Online

More training this week, need to get my muscles used to all the attention they are suddenly getting! The cramps need to end…

I leave you with this final quote I sourced online …


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PrEP or PEP .. do you know about it?

Pre & Post HIV Exposure Pills
Pre & Post HIV Exposure Pills

Right off the bat let me tell you this isn’t a sponsored post!

This topic has been heavy on my heart for a while now, when I say while .. it’s more like a few years. You see a few years back, I went out as one does, to a local club. I met someone and before I knew it, I had put myself at risk and exposed myself to the human immunodeficiency virus or as it is better known .. HIV!

I was so caught up in the moment, that I felt like it would be fine. I was having fun! We’ve all had the thought of agh ..”it won’t happen to me”. This scene has happened to many of us .. if you’re truly honest with yourself. It was an early Sunday day morning, you know after midnight but not quite yet daytime.

I got home and all I could ask myself was “WTF was I thinking?!” Why was I so willing to risk life as I knew it, just for a few minutes of fun? To be honest, I don’t know why… but fact is I felt great at the time and just wanted the moment to last. I’ve always been one with set boundaries. I was in an environment I would never be known to visit and having a carefree moment.

That Sunday was and is a blur to me now. Yes, I had a great start to the morning but was now sweating at the thought that I had been so knowingly careless. Monday morning could not have come sooner. As soon as I got to the office, I called my doctor and made an appointment for the same day. There was no way in hell I was going through another day without knowing what my options were. I met my doc and shared the adventures of the previous day. Doc is an extremely calm individual and comes across as someone that doesn’t sweat the small stuff. I guess that’s the role right .. as a doctor they needs to remain calm in moments of adversity.

Doc asked me how long ago the incident took place, as it happened less than 72 hours prior I was prescribed Post-Exposure Prophylaxis(PEP). For 30 days I was to take these rather large yellow pills – colour may differ – to be taken daily and at exactly the same time for it to be effective. Fortunately for me, when I next had to do my HIV test my results were negative. It continues to be negative, and I pray I am able to maintain this status.

Unfortunately,this status isn’t always the case. I also know that at times one tends to brush the exposure incident aside. Wanting to believe so badly that “it won’t happen” to us, that we lose the small window of opportunity afforded us by the PEP pills.

Source: online
Source: online

Taking the Post-Exposure Prophylaxis pills, is you taking anti-HIV medications as soon as possible after your exposure to HIV. It is an attempt to reduce the chance of becoming HIV positive. This medication keeps HIV from making copies of itself and spreading through your body. It is also known as non-occupational PEP (nPEP) taken by those exposed to HIV outside the workplace e.g. sexual assault, unprotected sex and needle sharing. WARNING! It is not 100% effective!

For PEP to have a chance of being effective it needs to begin within 72 hours after exposure. Consult your doctor or healthcare provider regarding your exposure and the best action for you. Let them know how you came to be exposed, this isn’t the time to be shy about your sexual adventures. If you know your partner in crime’s status .. share this too with your doc. Be prepared to have a series of HIV tests over the next 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months post your exposure to HIV. Your doc will let you know if  you’re in the clear.

Source: online
Source: online

While I sat miserable in my doc’s office he also educated me about another pill. The PrEP, stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. If you are exposed to HIV regularly, PrEP can work to keep the virus from consuming your body. Taking PrEP along with the correct usage of condoms for example, can offer decent protection against HIV .. if taken daily.

PrEP isn’t for everyone and you should consult your doctor and fully understand the side effects of taking these pills. It isn’t a vaccine. There isn’t one for HIV at the moment. PrEP however is a powerful HIV prevention tool but not 100% effective! Even if you’re using the drug .. remember to use that condom too!

I’m sharing this with you because of my experience, and also, you may not know that these drugs exist! Although there are many great campaigns on safer sex, using condoms and HIV, we don’t seem to see a decline with this virus spreading.

Condoms - source online
Condoms – source online

If you happen to be HIV negative and in a scenario where you expose yourself to contracting the virus constantly, be aware that here is a treatment that may dramatically reduce your risk of becoming positive.

Don’t wait! Don’t be a martyr! Before those 72 hours post exposure are over, consult your doctor!

It can happen to you!

Source : online
Source : online


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