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What to expect as a new dad …


My colleague is about to become a dad for the first time, but just listening to him I’m not convinced he is fully aware of what’s waiting for him. Although each parenting experience will be different, many aspects of becoming a dad for the first time are similar.

One similarity is that as a new dad, Continue reading “What to expect as a new dad …”

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Pedaling from Cape to Cairo with GAVEN SINCLAIR

Gaven Sinclair popped into my radar when he met up with some mates of mine out in Mozambique, and posted on FB that he was with them. I checked with my friend Cila if she was the person in reference, she was. Since then, Continue reading “Pedaling from Cape to Cairo with GAVEN SINCLAIR”

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Show and Tell .. oh wow!

My Family
My Family

It’s been 4 weeks today that our young man started at his new school and I will be the first to state that I’m so sold on the school and Continue reading “Show and Tell .. oh wow!”

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Dear Son….

My World
My World

How quickly life seems to be passing us by. It feels like it was just yesterday we brought you home. It feels like it was just yesterday that your dad and I would take turns getting up in the middle of the night to make sure that you were fine, or Continue reading “Dear Son….”

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Adeus 2015 … Bom dia 2016

2015 ...2016
2015 …2016

I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that 2015 was one f**king tough year! I found out plenty that I didn’t need, life dealt my family a bad set of cards, we had to give up some things to be in a place to survive the year… to mention a few.

All that said, 2015 wasn’t a year just filled with doom and gloom ūüôā

I’m grateful for all the other blessings God gave me and my family, that so often we tend to not acknowledge and take for granted. 2015, was the year my relationship with my husband became “real”. For the first time in the 14 odd years we’ve known each other the blinkers came off and we got to see our cores, perhaps that’s overstating it, I guess it would be more real to say that for the first time we accepted that we’re not perfect and have flaws. Flaws we may not appreciate … but we’re fine in working hard towards making us work….or are we?

Marriage - sourced online
Marriage – sourced online

Our health was dealt a blow in 2015, with all 3 of us in and out of our doctors rooms more often than we wanted to. We had a few scares along the way, some that turned out alright and others not so much. 2015 also dealt friends in my inner circle a bad set of cards. Thank God that we’ve all accepted what I believe God knows we can handle, with friends and family supporting, the journey will be that much easier I am sure.

Although 2015 felt like a bad storm, I’m grateful we still have our beds, I have my job, hubby has new business ventures in the horizon, we have a roof over our heads, wheels to take us around, good health, love in our lives, food and fresh water – when Rand Water doesn’t switch it off without warning – although we have to be water-wise, the tap still dispenses clean drinkable water, we’re able to support other families, I managed to take part and complete a number of sports events I had thought beyond my reach, and in so doing I know I inspired many … some of whom are yet to admit it ūüôā

Yes, 2015 was one hell of a year, but I have faith that 2016 will be so much better for us!

To end off I saw this in one of the blogs I read, and thought I’d give it a try too ūüôā , so here is the year in summary:

1. What did you do in 2015 that you’d never done before?

Hmm quite a few things actually. I ran my first half marathon, three to be exact. Considering that 8 months prior I was termed a couch potato. I finished the Dischem21 with hubby, my second and third I ran on my own these were the OM DIE DAM and Two Oceans. Thoroughly enjoyed them all! I also entered and completed a few open water swims, and finished my first Olympic Distance triathlon at a race I’d wanted to do for the longest time!

2. Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more next year?

Well if you regard staying focused and intent on completing the above races resolutions then yes, I did keep to my resolutions.

3. How will you be spending New Years Eve?

For now it’s going to be a quiet one, just hubby, our little boy and our pups! Just perfect!

4. Did anyone close to you die?


5. What countries did you visit?

This year was all around the region, Angola, Zambia, Swaziland. A nice change.

6. What would you like in 2016, that you lacked in 2015?

Hmmm … let’s start with financial stability, great health all round, lots more love, lots more laughter, more life balance.

7. What date from 2015 will remain etched upon your memory?

February 24, not for the best reasons!

8. What do you wish you’d done more of?

Visited my folks more.

9. What did you do on your birthday?

Enjoyed a tranquil lunch with hubby and son at a restaurant in a private estate. We all enjoyed the time out in the sun.

10. What was the most valuable life lesson you learnt in 2015?

Honest communication in a relationship is extremely important. Sometimes we speak but we’re cautious about what we say because we fear losing the relationship. It’s not an easy feat, communication, it takes continuous effort from all parties involved for it to be successful. Don’t fear sharing your honest thoughts, if you’re in it to win it .. even if it hurts .. it is important to hear it. Don’t be quick to judge or react .. breath .. process it .. not over process it .. and respond if it needs to be addressed. Remember that not all battles need to be fought… or fought with the same vigor!

January 2016 - sourced online
January 2016 – sourced online

HaPpY nEw YeAr!!! Wishing you only the best 2016 has to offer!


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Throwback Thursday

Instason warming up
Instason warming up
Kids having fun
Kids having fun

What can I say, our weekends are just so, so full at the moment. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday”

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End of Term …

End of term - Sourced online
End of term – Sourced online

I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of yet another term. No more shipping the child to school so that they’re entertained by their teacher for half the day, the next few weeks will be my responsibility to keep our young man from bored!

We had our first Parent meet the Teacher meeting this week. I recall my parents going to them when I was in Primary school, and always waiting to hear the feedback from these sessions. Yes, I was always excelling, so expect the same from our son .. #thepressure .. I know!

Overall, our young man is making me extremely proud at school. Respectful, Obliging, Social, Interactive are just some of the words his teacher used when she spoke of him. Can you see how big our heads are now ūüôā

Of course, there has to be a balance, so there are areas for development. Nothing serious, but we want to make sure that we address these now. You know, the “why leave it for later when you can do it now thingie” ….So I’m busy plotting a plan for the holidays and after school activities for our super Home Engineer , that I hope will assist our young man embrace his challenges and excel in term 3.

Now to find ways to keep him entertained … hmmm.. without the iPad that is ….


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Who’s going to NickFest?

NickFest 2015

This coming weekend the ever family favourite Nickelodeon(channel 305), one of the many channel making the DSTV Bouquet targeting our little ones, has partnered up with Tsogo Sun and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust to create the #nickFEST ! This promises to be a fun event happening at The Globe Silverstar Casino. Yep right outside your door!

Taking place on the 13th & 14th June 2015! There will be two shows per day, one at 10am and the other at 2pm on both days. Head on over to Computicket to purchase those tickets, your young ones will love you for it!

These are some of the Nickelodeon popular characters with whom your children .. and you .. are familiar with, that will be roaming the venue on the day Dora the Explorer, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and SpongeBob Squarepants!

     Doraninja turtles

SpongeBob with logo

#nickFest is promising to keep you¬†thrilled and to be a fun day out for the whole family. There will be live music from Cassper Nyovest on the 13th of June and Mi Casa on the 14th of June.¬†Best of all, loads of Nickelodeon’s trademark gooey green slime and opportunity to slime some of our local celebs like Whacked, Proverb and Pearl Thusi, to mention a few.¬†The host for the event is¬†Riaad Moosa, and he promises to keep us all entertained! Even more exciting is that he may just arrive looking like this ….

Head on over to Nickelodeon Facebook Page  for more information!


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What’s up dude?

Completed my first Tri!
Completed my first Tri!

This past Saturday I finally did it! Yep! I completed my very first Tri-Sprint. CradleRock a TriRockSA event, was meant to be a sprint .. but YOH! it did NOT feel like one! So much of hills wena!

I found the swim so freaking refreshing! I completed the 500m ahead of the main pack and enjoyed. It certainly tells me that the mental block is history! I have to thank my mate Minessa for introducing me to Smart-Tri leader Kristian for that. Through them, I got me some open water swimming experience, and that’s how I managed to motor it through the dam on Saturday.

The cycle transition was on the slow side. I started cramping as I got out the water and for a while as I attempted to put on my cycling shoes. Drank some water and unmounted my bike and made my way to the road. Cycle start was on an uphill. Cramp seemed to have calmed down so I mounted my bike and made my way on up the hill for 20kms. It wasn’t long and I had to get off my bike, my cramp had clearly not gone. So, instead of just chilling while everyone else cycled past me, I walked it off and stopped while I stretched me leg. It finally left me and on the bike I was playing catchup to the others and motoring like my life depended on it. Well it kinda did, I seriously wanted to finish this Tri! I had to prove to myself that I had it in me to complete it.

When it was time to run, the sun was belting it! It was seriously HOT! We carried on, and we climbed those hills and ran them down twice to complete the required 5kms.

Nothing will ever beat the smile on my hubby’s face, when he saw me cross the finish line! EVER! It made the cramps and the heat punishment all worthwhile!

One downside of the day was the lack of hydration in the running route, taking into account the heat, the least TriRock SA organisers could have done is place a watering point along the route. The other was that after all that effort they didn’t have any medals to hand out to the participants. How do you organise an event, promise medals to finishers and don’t hand these out at the finish line? I had assumed that because the sprint tri was a last-minute decision, they had no medals for us. I was wrong! The main event the day after, yesterday, also didn’t have any medals handed out!

Seriously! TriRockSA from what I’ve gathered has held these events in other provinces, so why was this event so mismanaged? When they marketed the sprint event, they targeted it at novices and those who wanted to try a Triathlon for the first time. This wasn’t very encouraging. A few tweets requesting where I can get the results from .. seem to be landing on deaf ears too. I thought reputable organizations with Social Media accounts would be more accountable?

Team Tri First Timers
Team Tri First Timers

This pic on the right is all the peeps I knew at the Tri on Saturday, attempting it for the first time. Well done Ilse, Charlene, and Fiona!

We all had hurdles to get over and we did!

Looking forward to the next one(s)! Before that though, I have a few 21km runs to complete, road cycle races and maybe some open water only swims too!

Loving all the active work and especially my coach .. hubby and family’s support!

I’m doing what I’ve always loved and has been dormant for years!


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It’s been a week ..

I’ve been back at work for a week now, and it certainly feels like a month! Yes, the break we had seems like a distant memory at the moment. Still not feeling all down about it, because we have another mini break coming up. We stayed home for the Christmas break, so now we’re driving down to the coast for a bit of a swim before our young man returns to school next week. As a family we’re all super excited and looking forward to. Our only wish as parents is that our young man is brave enough to enjoy a swim in the ocean!

Completed my first 21km
Completed my first 21km

Last week beside starting the new year at the office also saw me completing my very first 21km! It was such an amazing experience. Ran it with hubby, we managed our pace and made sure we remained hydrated and nourished. This was our training run for our main race over the Easter weekend РTwo Oceans.

The Dis-Chem21 was an awesome race! Yes it tested our endurance, but if you had put in the mileage you would have had a fantastic time. Weather was kind, it was cool for most of the run, with only the last kilometre being hot. It was really well organised and we had our results soon after sent to our phones. How efficient was that!

We have a few more runs before the Easter weekend but now I know what to expect. Needless to say training hasn’t stopped and after a day and bit of recovery it’s time to get back into training!

I’ve also entered a few cycling races in the course of this first quarter so need to put some bike time as well. Yep between cycling, running and hopefully more open water swimming, I will eventually enter another Triathlon that I will manage to complete.

My Awesome City
My Awesome City

Back to the office, I’ve been trying to get more of my colleagues to get more active in the office. Not sure it’s working as yet.

H of Arabia stopped smoking this year or was it in the dying days of 2014, doesn’t matter. What does matter is that through sheer self-discipline he has committed to not smoke another ciggie. How amazing is that! Now, if you click on H of Arabia above, it will take you to his own blog, specifically to the entry where he ran his last red mankini run.Yes, he proclaims to have worn one .. we have no pictures as proof of this fact. So, on the 30th January there will be a similar run taking place in this city, the Daredevilsrun¬†.¬†This time though they changing colour to purple! I’ve tried to convince him to do it, but he hasn’t bitten as yet. We have a few more days .. so I will continue to “ask”. It’s all for a good cause after all.

Daredevil Run

This is the year for us all to be more active… so here’s hoping that whatever fashion we decide to use to get to our goals .. that we’re all successful!