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Letter to my hubby…YOU’RE AN AWESOME DADD!

Letter to my hubby

I don’t for a second believe you knew what you were getting into when I first approached you about becoming a dad. Even though without hesitation you agreed to join me on this adventure, somehow I doubt you actually knew what you were getting yourself into.

Although there were books that you had access to, quality time with my nephews, nieces, chats with mates and moms that shared their experiences with you, nothing prepares you for this journey called PARENTHOOD.

Fatherhood is a Continue reading “Letter to my hubby…YOU’RE AN AWESOME DADD!”

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Why it’s important to develop your child’s ball skills…

Child development ball skills

Our son has been on holiday for a week now, we survived it somehow with little to no complaints of being bored or being asked to go to school. When he asks to go to school, it’s a clear Continue reading “Why it’s important to develop your child’s ball skills…”

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Spoilt by hubby and son ..

So cold all weekend we opted to stay indoors all weekend. Hubby and our young man did not leave the house all weekend. Opting instead to stay under warm blankets and duvet catching up with emails, some iPad time, and baking. I left Continue reading “Spoilt by hubby and son ..”

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Fun baking Barney Cupcakes with our son …

Barney Snowflake PackThe family and I were driving home from the gym on Wednesday, the public holiday, when our young man very confidently asks us to please get him a cupcake! Hubby was feeling for one too, I’m guessing, because the next thing I had a choir chanting away that they needed a cupcake 🙂  Continue reading “Fun baking Barney Cupcakes with our son …”

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Beachtime with the family …

Beach Time
Beach Time

This past weekend I participated in the annual Midmar Mile event out in Howick. An event I’ve been keen to take part in for the longest time but just never got round to it, until now.

That we would travel all the way down to Howick for a day just didn’t make sense so, we turned it into a long week. Bonus is that Continue reading “Beachtime with the family …”

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Dear Son….

My World
My World

How quickly life seems to be passing us by. It feels like it was just yesterday we brought you home. It feels like it was just yesterday that your dad and I would take turns getting up in the middle of the night to make sure that you were fine, or Continue reading “Dear Son….”

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hAPpY BirThdAY Son

J and I 2015
J and I 2015

Dear J,

I still pinch myself to make sure that I’m not dreaming. I’m eternally grateful that you chose us to be your parents, and honoured that God has allowed us to share and celebrate another year of life with you.

Continue reading “hAPpY BirThdAY Son”

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Toddler seems to always have a cold ..

Runny nose
Runny nose

Seriously now, when does the runny nose season stop with the toddler? During school break we’re fine, but two days into school and our toddler has the sniffles. We’re either saying “bless you” every other minute or rushing to wipe the snot off his face.

Continue reading “Toddler seems to always have a cold ..”

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The sports fanatic parent(s)….

Endurance Sport
Endurance Sport : Sourced online

Over the last 12 months I believe that I’ve morphed into a tad bit of an endurance wannabe athlete parent. A year ago, Continue reading “The sports fanatic parent(s)….”

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End of Term …

End of term - Sourced online
End of term – Sourced online

I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of yet another term. No more shipping the child to school so that they’re entertained by their teacher for half the day, the next few weeks will be my responsibility to keep our young man from bored!

We had our first Parent meet the Teacher meeting this week. I recall my parents going to them when I was in Primary school, and always waiting to hear the feedback from these sessions. Yes, I was always excelling, so expect the same from our son .. #thepressure .. I know!

Overall, our young man is making me extremely proud at school. Respectful, Obliging, Social, Interactive are just some of the words his teacher used when she spoke of him. Can you see how big our heads are now 🙂

Of course, there has to be a balance, so there are areas for development. Nothing serious, but we want to make sure that we address these now. You know, the “why leave it for later when you can do it now thingie” ….So I’m busy plotting a plan for the holidays and after school activities for our super Home Engineer , that I hope will assist our young man embrace his challenges and excel in term 3.

Now to find ways to keep him entertained … hmmm.. without the iPad that is ….