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Review: Puss in Boots The Pantomime

Puss in Boots
Caitlin Kilburn as Selina Swiftclaw (L) and Earl Gregory as Puss in Boots (R)

This past Sunday, 2 July 2017,  my son and I were invited to the opening of “PUSS IN BOOTS”, the play, at the Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City. Now I’ve been to Gold Reef City’s theme park before, but never had the pleasure of visiting the Lyric Theatre.  A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon for both my son and I, and yet another wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time with my son. Puss In Boots is KicksArts’ first Johannesburg performance, having previously already produced 12 sold-out, multi-award winning pantomimes in Durban over the past 14 years, is a must see for the family this winter school holiday season.  Continue reading “Review: Puss in Boots The Pantomime”

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Life as a Stay-At-Home-Dad


Growing up I don’t recall ever hearing or knowing of a household with a stay-at-home-dad. It was always the mother’s who brought up the kids. I still travel home to Swaziland frequent enough to know that although I still don’t know of any stay-at-home-dads, there are more mothers working today. In South Africa, it’s a different story. There seems to be a growing trend of men opting to stay at home rearing the children while the partner goes off to a 9 to 5 job.

According to Statistics South Africa reported back in 2012 that there were about 60,000 stay-at-home-dads in South Africa. This trend is being fueled by the country’s economic difficulties, company retrenchments that force some dads to work from home supported if they are fortunate, by a domestic helper. However, the cost of childcare are on the rise, so couples sometimes see the option of dad staying at home as the most feasible.  Continue reading “Life as a Stay-At-Home-Dad”

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Review: Disney’s Cinderella Kids

Cinderella+Prince Charming+ Peolple's Theater
Alida Senekal as the Fairy Godmother, Kaylan Sabbadin as Cinderella and Thokozani Jiyane as Prince Charming performing in “Cinderella” a classic fairy tale. Photo: Candius Photography

On Friday evening I managed to be an awesome dad to our son as we attended the opening night of “Cinderella Kids”, the play, at the People’s Theatre in Braamfontein. It’s been a minute since I’d been to that part of Joburg, and the first time I’d taken our son to the theatre. It was time that we added a bit of culture to his educational programme.

If you’re not familiar with Disney’s “Cinderella Kids”, it’s an Continue reading “Review: Disney’s Cinderella Kids”

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Saying goodbye to our Dachshie …

Goodbye to our Daschie

Last night we said goodbye to our boy Dachshund called Pépé… Continue reading “Saying goodbye to our Dachshie …”

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Letter to my hubby…YOU’RE AN AWESOME DADD!

Letter to my hubby

I don’t for a second believe you knew what you were getting into when I first approached you about becoming a dad. Even though without hesitation you agreed to join me on this adventure, somehow I doubt you actually knew what you were getting yourself into.

Although there were books that you had access to, quality time with my nephews, nieces, chats with mates and moms that shared their experiences with you, nothing prepares you for this journey called PARENTHOOD.

Fatherhood is a Continue reading “Letter to my hubby…YOU’RE AN AWESOME DADD!”

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Pathway to Fatherhood, as a Gay man

Path to Gay ParentingYou’re a gay man.

You’re a gay couple.

You want to enter the world of fatherhood.

What are your options?

In South Africa, these are our options. Continue reading “Pathway to Fatherhood, as a Gay man”

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Happy Birthday Squiiza!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

We wish you the best day ever and an even better year

We wish you great health, so we can go on many more adventures together

We wish you a continued abundance of patience so you can deal with us when J and I are having a bad day

We wish you oceans of love that will strengthen our bonds, during the good and bad times.

It’s said that things get better with AGE,

YOU definitely one of them.


J and ME.

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What to expect as a new dad …


My colleague is about to become a dad for the first time, but just listening to him I’m not convinced he is fully aware of what’s waiting for him. Although each parenting experience will be different, many aspects of becoming a dad for the first time are similar.

One similarity is that as a new dad, Continue reading “What to expect as a new dad …”

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Why it’s important to develop your child’s ball skills…

Child development ball skills

Our son has been on holiday for a week now, we survived it somehow with little to no complaints of being bored or being asked to go to school. When he asks to go to school, it’s a clear Continue reading “Why it’s important to develop your child’s ball skills…”

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Spoilt by hubby and son ..

So cold all weekend we opted to stay indoors all weekend. Hubby and our young man did not leave the house all weekend. Opting instead to stay under warm blankets and duvet catching up with emails, some iPad time, and baking. I left Continue reading “Spoilt by hubby and son ..”