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Review: Puss in Boots The Pantomime

Puss in Boots
Caitlin Kilburn as Selina Swiftclaw (L) and Earl Gregory as Puss in Boots (R)

This past Sunday, 2 July 2017,  my son and I were invited to the opening of “PUSS IN BOOTS”, the play, at the Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City. Now I’ve been to Gold Reef City’s theme park before, but never had the pleasure of visiting the Lyric Theatre.  A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon for both my son and I, and yet another wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time with my son. Puss In Boots is KicksArts’ first Johannesburg performance, having previously already produced 12 sold-out, multi-award winning pantomimes in Durban over the past 14 years, is a must see for the family this winter school holiday season.  Continue reading “Review: Puss in Boots The Pantomime”

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Review: Disney’s Cinderella Kids

Cinderella+Prince Charming+ Peolple's Theater
Alida Senekal as the Fairy Godmother, Kaylan Sabbadin as Cinderella and Thokozani Jiyane as Prince Charming performing in “Cinderella” a classic fairy tale. Photo: Candius Photography

On Friday evening I managed to be an awesome dad to our son as we attended the opening night of “Cinderella Kids”, the play, at the People’s Theatre in Braamfontein. It’s been a minute since I’d been to that part of Joburg, and the first time I’d taken our son to the theatre. It was time that we added a bit of culture to his educational programme.

If you’re not familiar with Disney’s “Cinderella Kids”, it’s an Continue reading “Review: Disney’s Cinderella Kids”

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5 Lies we tell our toddler …

5 lies we tell our toddlersLately, I’m finding that the “bribe” with sweets or ice cream isn’t working as well as it used to. I”m having to resort to “white”.

I’m quite confident I’m not the only parent that has done that or still does.

The lies aren’t meant to harm him, but yes to get him to finish something.

Some lies we tell …

Continue reading “5 Lies we tell our toddler …”

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What to expect as a new dad …


My colleague is about to become a dad for the first time, but just listening to him I’m not convinced he is fully aware of what’s waiting for him. Although each parenting experience will be different, many aspects of becoming a dad for the first time are similar.

One similarity is that as a new dad, Continue reading “What to expect as a new dad …”

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Active weekends …

bryanston parkrun 3

Now that was a super long weekend, but a very active one for our household! Saturday we decided it was time to introduce our young man to the world of Parkruns. Although we were going to the Lonehill Parkrun initially, we opted for the Bryanston single loop Parkrun.  Continue reading “Active weekends …”

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Two dads.. and Mother’s day at school …

Beach Time
Beach Time

Yesterday we received this terms first newsletter from J’s school, letting the parents know of the different activities planned for the term.

One of the items mentioned was the school’s planned Mother’s Day Continue reading “Two dads.. and Mother’s day at school …”

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BAcK to schooL

Back to School
Back to School

Term 2 started yesterday and I say that with a sigh of relief … not just for me but I think too for our young man! Last week he was already asking Continue reading “BAcK to schooL”

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Beachtime with the family …

Beach Time
Beach Time

This past weekend I participated in the annual Midmar Mile event out in Howick. An event I’ve been keen to take part in for the longest time but just never got round to it, until now.

That we would travel all the way down to Howick for a day just didn’t make sense so, we turned it into a long week. Bonus is that Continue reading “Beachtime with the family …”

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hAPpY BirThdAY Son

J and I 2015
J and I 2015

Dear J,

I still pinch myself to make sure that I’m not dreaming. I’m eternally grateful that you chose us to be your parents, and honoured that God has allowed us to share and celebrate another year of life with you.

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Toddler seems to always have a cold ..

Runny nose
Runny nose

Seriously now, when does the runny nose season stop with the toddler? During school break we’re fine, but two days into school and our toddler has the sniffles. We’re either saying “bless you” every other minute or rushing to wipe the snot off his face.

Continue reading “Toddler seems to always have a cold ..”