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Merry Christmas ... Happy Holidays

Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas …

…..To you  and your loved ones ….

Christmas 2015From me and my family!


Christmas Tree

It’s Christmas time …

sourced: online
sourced: online

It’s almost Christmas, the tree is up and decorated, most of the presents for loved ones have been bought, and the food is all stocked and ready to be shared on Christmas day.

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It’s the day before Christmas …

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve

For those on the Christian calendar today is Christmas Eve.

The day before Christ’s birth.

For many today there will be running around malls, shopping centres, or on the road making your way to family gatherings to celebrate Christmas.

Please travel safe. Try not to drink and drive, it’s seriously not worth it. You’re not only endangering your own life but many of those sharing the road with you. Most of all it is selfish! If you have spare food or drink, instead of letting it rot in the bin why not share it with those less fortunate close to you?

However you decide to spend Christmas, make you sure you’re making all those around you feel warm and special. Try and put smiles on your family’s faces. Put those differences away. Focus rather on the day.


It’s become a day of bringing joy through the sharing of gifts, food and festivities. So, enjoy it to the max.

Share love, as if it were the last thing on earth.

Reflect on your blessings, focusing on the challenges will only depress you and not change the situation.

Stay blessed, and warm your heart with loads of love … after all tomorrow is Christmas!


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Our weekend that was …

It was a really busy weekend for me, not sure why … but it felt really busy….

Loads of cooking took place, which is a tad unusual as Friday evenings are normally take out nights! Friday evening, I had marinated some lamb chops in the morning so for dinner I served it with mashed potatoes and veggies, turned out very tasty. I can be very critical of my creations, so yes when I say it was tasty .. it was … 🙂

We woke up Saturday morning to very sad news, that one of the planes in the LAM (Mozambican National Airline) fleet had disappeared Friday 29th November 2013 en route from Maputo to Luanda(Angola).  I was horrified to read this! My dearest cousin’s husband is currently a pilot for this airline and regularly flies this route, following communication with my cousin I was informed he was not part of the crew.. #mixedsighofrelieve

33 Lost Souls - R.I.P
33 Lost Souls – R.I.P

The flight left at roughly 11h30 last week Friday and after about an hour all communication was lost with the plane. There is still no clear direction as to what actually happened to cause the crash as yet. The flight crashed in Namibian territory, so policy requires that the Namibian authorities lead the investigation. From reading the LAM Facebook page investigations have begun with support from teams from Mozambique, USA, Angola and Brazil. I think the region is anxiously awaiting feedback from their investigation for a form of closure following this very sad incident.

Saturday however, continued to be low-key. I took the whole day as a grooming session, haircut, waxed legs etc. It had been a few weeks I’d neglected all this and it was time.

Paul Walker - R.I.P.
Paul Walker – R.I.P.

Sunday morning was similar to Saturday….somber.  We woke up to the news that actor Paul Walker (40) had just passed on following a car accident! Many may know him from the Fast and Furious movie series. I enjoyed the movie series and his acting … not sure how they will complete the 7th movie in the series that he was busy filming prior to his death…

On a slightly happier note, Sunday afternoon we decided to put up the Christmas Tree. It will be JJ’s second Christmas, but his first with us. Initially, as you will see from the picture he was helping out selecting this years colour scheme. I’m half thrilled he isn’t phased by all the fuss, because it means the tree will stay up longer with, #touchwood, no accidents.

Christmas Tree 2013 ..setup
Christmas Tree 2013 ..setup

From the picture you can see him placing the first bauble on the tree, and that is where his enthusiasm ended. Yes, I know he is still young and I should treasure this moment. From next year or when he starts walking and running around the house we will crave this period! I am almost sure that once the presents start piling around the tree in a few days .. it’s going to be a different scenario with JJ and the tree….

Sunday was also World AIDS Day, so in honour of the people in my life living with HIV, and also those around the globe in similar situation or that have last their battle to HIV