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The Reversed Bucket List

Reverse Bucket ListThe other day Melissa from Mel’s Postbox nominated me, among other bloggers, to create our own #ReversedBucketList.

Challenge was accepted. What was I thinking?!  Continue reading “The Reversed Bucket List”

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Daddy Bloggers .. where are you?

Daddy Bloggers - SOUTH AFRICA
Daddy Bloggers – SOUTH AFRICA

I’ve blogged for a while now, ok it’s been about 2 years on a regular basis. In this period every so often I will run a search in one of the search engines to see if there are any other “Daddy” bloggers out here in South Africa. Continue reading “Daddy Bloggers .. where are you?”

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#iPhoneography2015 and my photos


For the last two years I’ve come across the iPhoneography competition but have never really bothered to submit any pictures. Mostly because I’ve just thought they weren’t that great. Let’s be serious, everyone else who’s great at photography enters .. not an amateur like me.

This year that all changed! Continue reading “#iPhoneography2015 and my photos”