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Gay parenting isn’t so straight forward …

My family

This year our young man started a new school and with it, I’ve found that issues that previously didn’t matter to me .. now do. They do because they will ultimately have an impact on or affect our young man, who just happens to have Continue reading “Gay parenting isn’t so straight forward …”

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BAcK to schooL

Back to School
Back to School

Term 2 started yesterday and I say that with a sigh of relief … not just for me but I think too for our young man! Last week he was already asking Continue reading “BAcK to schooL”

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Show and Tell .. oh wow!

My Family
My Family

It’s been 4 weeks today that our young man started at his new school and I will be the first to state that I’m so sold on the school and Continue reading “Show and Tell .. oh wow!”

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Excited about school are we …?

At school
At school with his teacher

We’re into the second week of school and our young man finally seems to have settled into the new system. First two days were smooth sailing, he was running into class and waving .. more like shooing us away … goodbyes.  Continue reading “Excited about school are we …?”

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New School .. New Friends … New Teacher .. Oh dear!

We survived day 1
We survived day 1

All during the school break we shared with our little boy how he was about to start at a new school this year. He learnt his new teacher’s name and would inform all that were keen to know what Continue reading “New School .. New Friends … New Teacher .. Oh dear!”

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Dear Son….

My World
My World

How quickly life seems to be passing us by. It feels like it was just yesterday we brought you home. It feels like it was just yesterday that your dad and I would take turns getting up in the middle of the night to make sure that you were fine, or Continue reading “Dear Son….”

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The sports fanatic parent(s)….

Endurance Sport
Endurance Sport : Sourced online

Over the last 12 months I believe that I’ve morphed into a tad bit of an endurance wannabe athlete parent. A year ago, Continue reading “The sports fanatic parent(s)….”

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Term 3 already?!

It's almost the end of a phase
It’s almost the end of a phase

Seriously, where has this year gone?! I’m sure it’s not only me that feels this year is flying by so fast. It feels like it was just the other day I posted about us starting to potty train our young man, remember this entry? Continue reading “Term 3 already?!”

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Bunny anyone ….?

Photo Courtsey of Ishay Govender-Ypma
Photo Courtsey of Ishay Govender-Ypma

Today started off moody. A grey morning with a touch of mist in the air and evidence of the rain from the night before spread across our driveway this morning.

I’m not sure why, but with winters we tend to wear duller coloured clothing, almost as if we’re reinforcing the weather to ourselves and those around us. Case in point the dress code at the office today, majority of us were in grey. One or more item of clothing on almost all at the office was grey .. reflecting the somber mood the sky above was in today.

Going against my Banting diet, but because it just seems like the best idea at the time the suggestion came a group of us ordered ourselves Bunny Chows. Move those eyes towards the picture above to have an idea of what it is .. should you not know what it is. Basically a portion of the loaf hollowed out and stuffed with a curry of you tasting. YUM!

The bunny, as us locals refer to it, is best eaten using your hands. No knife and fork needed. You break off a piece of bread, dunk it into the curry grabbing a piece of protein or veggie and stuff your mouth! After you’ve chewed and swallowed that scruptious hand of bunny, remember to lick those fingers… it is for that very reason that you can’t eat a bunny with cutlery! Soh-reeeeee!

This meal is however, not just delicious but also extremely filling. I’ve mentioned, it seemed like the best idea at the time the order was placed…. not so much now that I’m feeling all bloated and the idea of taking the rest of the afternoon off to nap seems like a brilliant idea.

I’m not totally unhappy about it though .. as tomorrow part 2 of my Triathlon training begins….

Javier Gomez - Sourced Online
Javier Gomez – Sourced Online

Extremely early tomorrow morning I am supposed to join my new triathlon training group – DARE2TRI – for a few kilometers of road running. Since completing the Two Oceans Half Marathon back over Easter Weekend … I’ve not been as disciplined with my running. This has become evidently apparent during part 1 of Triathlon training during the week. The running part of the training feels like such an effort! Hopefully after tomorrow morning’s run I will begin to get my groove back.

I really didn’t realise one loses the groove so quickly .. and that easily.

Swim - Photo source is online
Swim – Photo source is online

Tomorrow afternoon after a bit of a break from the run, we as a group hit the pool. Yep, we’re very serious about not only burning off all that bunny chow I ate for lunch today but, as a group we have a goal.

There are a few Triathlons taking place over end of this winter, that means we need to get fitness and confidence levels up. Although part of the group are not new, there is a decent number that have been with the group for at least a year. For the rest of us “newbies” it’s more about building our confidence levels in the different disciplines while for the rest it’s more about continuing to build their fitness levels. Last week the pool session was really well attended, I didn’t know almost anyone at the pool with the exception of Kobus whom I’d met last October during my first attempt at the Triathlon sport.

Cycle - Photo source online
Cycle – Photo source online

Come Sunday morning .. even earlier than my start tomorrow, it is time for a road cycle. Last week I unfortunately did not attend the group cycle, our first for this season. Left me full of FOMO I tell you!

Dare2Tri 2015 Group - Source Facebook Group
Dare2Tri 2015 Group – Source Facebook Group

After I saw the group picture following the ride last week, FOMO hit me big time!

Everyone looked amazing in their kit and reading the comments afterwards really left me feeling I’d missed out.

Truth be told I did, but not because I was feeling lazy. Gastro hit me hard last week Friday and it’s only just now deciding to leave me be.

I’m praying really hard that I feel so much better tomorrow and get to participate in all 3 discipline’s training sessions this weekend.

Following now two weeks of structured training, my body is certainly beginning to feel the difference. My legs are, the entire length, feeling tender along with the arms. I have no doubt that by Sunday night my body may be begging me to stop. I won’t! I have a goal. This year’s focus is the 5150 African Championship at the Germiston Lake taking place in November. Incidentally, it is the same venue that my first triathlon attempt fell flat on its face! Depending on how that goes .. the next major triathlon I would like to attempt is the Ironman 70.3 Durban 2016. I’ve never done an ocean triathlon, so it would be a major step for me.

The best part of all this training, is that it will be getting me fit for not only the 94.7 Cycle Challenge 2015 hubby and I are riding in November this year, but also ready for all the main running races I plan to complete later this year and in 2016.

SO … don’t just sit on that couch all weekend! Get Active!