Stepping out in my Tread + Miller Shoes

Tread+Miller Since Tread+Miller came into the scene, I’ve wanted a pair of shoes from them. Alas, life happens and as you know there’s always something more important to spend your hard earned cash on, right? For me, it has ranged from new school uniform, winter wardrobe for our son, to support a family member that is in need.

I recently shared some Father’s Day gift ideas on my blog. During my scouting for these gifts, I popped over to the Tread+Miller website and found a pair of shoes I liked and were reasonably priced.

Popped into their Nicolway store to see if they had the shoe in stock, which they did.

Tread+Miller I tried them on and loved them instantly. Honestly, I did. They are super comfortable. The salesperson, Cedric, said this was because of the double cushioning inner sole they’ve added to the shoe. This added padding makes it an ideal pair for many of one who stands for most of their day.

The purchase of this pair of shoes was an experience on its own, you need to try them out. I appreciated that the minute I wanted into the store I wasn’t hounded by a salesperson trying to make a sale. The salesperson cobbler apron associated with a past era is a stunning touch. How the sale is completed and one is warmly escorted out the store. I felt welcomed and not rushed. I’m hoping Cedric was not the exception but the rule for this brand.

What a refreshing experience it was.

Shoes are not the only product they offer. They have a stunning range of belts, wallets and bags to choose from as well. All items you would associate with leather, very modern and stylish.

All very modern, stylish and reasonably affordable.

Tread and Miller are part of the Cape Union Mart brand.

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