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The Reversed Bucket List

Reverse Bucket ListThe other day Melissa from Mel’s Postbox nominated me, among other bloggers, to create our own #ReversedBucketList.

Challenge was accepted. What was I thinking?! 

One normally draws up a bucket list of things one still wants to do, so a reversed list should be easier right?

A bucket list of things that once seemed unachievable but today I can tick off as done in my life.

  1. Coming out to my parents as a gay man. My parents had dreams of me growing up, getting married to a woman and having children. I was 33 when I decided it was time for them to officially be told the truth about my sexuality. I say officially because I am sure that all parents have an inkling but live in hope that their gay children are not gay. Today I’m married and have a son, just not how my parents envisioned it.
  2. From age 16 I wanted to one day, post-Matric and varsity, to become a father. At age 39 I decided it was time. My husband and I adopted our gorgeous son. Today I’m a proud dad with a son that I love and adore.
  3. Growing up I wanted to travel and see more of the world. As a family, we didn’t travel too much, certainly no further than our neighbouring countries. Thanks to my employers I got to and continue to travel to many countries not only in our beautiful African continent but have travelled to other continents across the seas. My best destination so far has been Dublin, Ireland.
  4. During my school years, I enjoyed swimming and running. As an adult, I craved finishing a triathlon. In 2015 I entered and finished my first and only triathlon to date in a respectable time too.
  5. As a boy I loved running, specifically, I enjoyed the sprints 100m and 200m. For the longest time, I thought that was as far as my legs and heart would carry me. Today, I’ve completed a few 5km, 10km, 21km and 42km run race.

Thanks for that Melissa. I actually had fun compiling my #ReversedBucketList.




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  1. Manii, I only see this now – well done on completing this list. Great list 🙂 It actually makes you realise how unique and fortunate you are to have done things others may not have done. For me at least it did.

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