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Our Moroccan Barber Grooming Experience

Moroccan Barber JHBOur son is not one for haircuts.

If he could get away from having one he would.

Nothing has every happened, at least that we’re aware of, that would have put him off.

We’ve gone to a few places, always ending in tears and screams and us having to pay for a barely finished haircut.

Until we came across the Moroccan Barber’s Facebook page. We decided to try them out and what would you know, our son is almost 100% comfortable having his hair cut here. 


Moroccan Barber JHB


The minute you arrive you’re made to feel very welcome.

I’m sure you could phone to make an appointment, but from the few visits we’ve made to them, it’s mostly on a first come first served. We still haven’t figured out how they know who’s next but they have it figured out from the moment you let them know you’re there for a haircut or other service to the point you’re told, you next!

Moroccan Barber JHBTo ease the wait you’re offered a menu to select a drink. From a cappuccino to mint tea to a juice for the young ones. All freshly made, cold and tasty.

They are open during the most convenient times.

Monday to Monday inclusive of public holidays.

One of the reasons we don’t mind the trek from home to them, at times it feels like they are on the other side of the world, are their prices.

Moroccan Barber JHBR100.00 for a Gents Haircut and R70.00 for our young man.

By our son’s own admission he totally enjoys going to the Moroccan Barber. Whichever Barber is allocated to him, they are aware that he doesn’t really enjoy the experience, but they don’t stress. He sits there and lets them do their thing. I have found that at times, I’m the one that’s more stressed than either my son or the Barber.

I do recommend that if you’re as fussy as I am about how our son’s hair looks, be specific about how you want them to cut the hair and they oblige. No issues.

Hubby and I have had our hair cut by a few of the Barbers and we’ve not had any complaints. In addition to the haircut, I also have threading R80.00(I think) done and a Hot Towel Shave R90.00. I think I’ve done threading for a few years now, so aren’t threatened by it. The shave leaves me feeling super fresh, it’s so worth it. 


Moroccan Barber JHBOverall a wonderful monthly family outing, yes it is for us. However, if you’re precious about time or are on a tight schedule I suggest that you try them out when you’re not rushed.

We’ve found that if we arrive as they open at 8 am the wait isn’t too long, compared to when we arrive at 10 am, depending on the time of the month, you could wait a while before it’s your turn.

Either way, when you’re seated for your Moroccan Grooming experience your Barber gives you the attention you deserve, no rush.

There are two branches, one at the Trinity Village Shopping Centre in Johannesburg and the other out in Nelspruit at the Sonpark Shopping Centre. For more information reach them on +27 11 794 4830 or visit their website .

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