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Saying goodbye to our Dachshie …

Goodbye to our Daschie

Last night we said goodbye to our boy Dachshund called Pépé…

His back had given him problems for the last 3 months.

The painkillers worked for a while,

then no longer had any effect on him.

We considered having him operated,

but no guarantee that it would work.

No guarantee that you would ever walk again.

When the vet called yesterday afternoon

Hearing that he was in too much pain, broke our hearts.

10 years he was with us…70 dog years he was.

He was the family clown.

Always turning left when we wanted to go right.

Refusing to be on a leash, happiest when he could roam the gardens freely.

Goodbye to our Daschie

The picture above sums up Pépé beautifully.

Many a night we had to “beg” him to keep quiet,

He would bark at times when we hadn’t heard a thing.

Yet he had, much to our and our neighbour’s irritation.

Goodbye to our Daschie

There certainly was a reason you came into our lives.

You showed us what unconditional love really was.

You taught us patience, boy did we need it with you!

Rest now Pépé.

No other will ever replace your place in our hearts.



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