Mother's Day

Mother’s Day and being adopted

Mother's Day and being adoptedWith Mother’s Day just gone by, this time Darren was asked again by our son about his birth mother during his classes Mother’s Day “Spoil Mom” session.
We’ve agreed to always answer truthfully but age appropriate, that said, every time the question is asked one can’t help but feel a little pain. Natural I am sure.

The older he gets the more intense the questions will be. He is a curious boy and doesn’t always accept things at face value, thank goodness. Besides, we want him to know that can talk to us openly without fear of being judged, regardless of topics.
Although I believe adoption is a beautiful gesture of love, it isn’t without its challenges, especially for the adopted child. Like Ryan Jon in the clip below, I am sure our son will have tonnes of questions going through his mind, emotions that will scare him at times, and answers that he may never have access to or comprehend if he would be ok with the answer.