Mother's Day

DAD get’s a Mother’s Day spoil …on Slipper Day!

Letter to my hubby

Last year I asked “…why schools can’t just identify a way of including all children …” on these days. Why don’t we replace it with Parent Day, celebrated on one day in the year?

Whether it’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, it’s a day that was created to honour our parents, so why don’t we just combine it and celebrate it on the same day? We honour them both annually anyway, so why can’t we officially add this day to our calendar and eliminate the other two and celebrate our parents on one day?

To the world you are a MOTHER, but to your family you are the WORLD.

The United Nations has proclaimed June 1 as “Global Day of Parents”, the US celebrates it on the fourth Sunday in July. We already embrace so many of the American holidays and habits, would it hurt to add one more?

This year, Mother’s Day at our son’s school seemed to be a lot more low keyed in comparison to last year. I don’t recall receiving advance prior notice, I received a notice in the class group’s WA that it was happening yesterday. Hubby and I had earlier in the year decided that we’re really not going to make a fuss about it this year. At one point we considered keeping our young man home.

Slipper Day 2017As it happened the activities planned to celebrate moms at the school took place on the same day as the 6th Slipper Day here in South Africa.

Slipper Day is a day out created to help raise funds to give children with life-threatening illness an opportunity to make life a little better by creating memories through making unique dreams come true for them.

For this reason, we decided he would still go to school.

Besides, he was super happy that he would be going to school in his PJs AND get to buy popcorn all on his own. We could not take that joy away from him! So hubby got to experience his second Mother’s Day pamper session and spoils with our son at school.

Both dad and son enjoyed the experience, and that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

What have you got planned to celebrate the Queen, Your Mother this Sunday?




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  1. And we got to spend some quality time planting some seeds, decorating a pot plant and received a beautiful “MOM” keyring with a pic of our boy…at least at this age he knows that none of his dads is a mom…#goingwiththeflow

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