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Our Two Oceans Break…

Two OceansOver the last two years, since becoming more active on the road either cycling, running or swimming, hubby and I have tried to turn our trips to “out-of-town” races into the family breakaway. This year we’ve managed a break per quarter of 2017, taking our current life position, I’m thrilled we’ve managed to have these for our son.

Back in February, we had a mini break in Umdloti in Kwa-Zulu Natal. This year we introduced my sister and her family to the area we love going to annually. As a family, we love the area for its serenity, calmness but mostly because it’s very family friendly. It’s probably also why we love the Fish Hoek area out in the Western Cape too. As both towns are extremely small, family friendly and yes, the residents are retirees.

Before travelling out to Cape Town, I blogged about possible things to do while out there. To be honest we were having so much fun doing other things that we’ve decided to do them the next time we travel to the region. Our young man was more interested in spending time on the beach and exploring the other fishing “villages” around Fish Hoek.

Two OceansWe visited Boulders Beach out in Simon’s Town, it was a tad too windy for some beach time, unfortunately, so we walked around on the boardwalk where our son with much excitement took hold of my phone and with much enthusiasm managed to take some photos of the African Penguins along the way while avoiding all the other tourists. He had loads of fun!

Two years back we had taken our son to Kalk Bay Harbour to watch the seals frolicking out on the rocks around the harbour. This time when we arrived the seals were nowhere to be found at first. We walked around the harbour admiring all the colourful fishing boats anchored, doing our best to answer all the curious questions our young man had. As we were about to leave, three seals swam in between the boats and decided to lay around to Something on Main - Kalk Bay Cafesoak in the sun while teasing all the humans walking around. When next you’re in the area, do pop into Something on Main for a pancake or two. From time to time they also run some breakfast and/or lunch specials at really awesome prices. It’s family run with awesome staff. Do give them a try!

Muizenberg beachfront has definitely improved since we were last there two years back. We found the area cleaner and fewer individuals harassing us for money. Totally love that so many stunning restaurants have mushroomed in the area. Our son loved the ice-creams and us the coffee from Bootlegger Coffee Company. YUM! Driving up and down between these fishing towns one can’t but notice the colouration difference between the beach waters of Muizenberg and that of Fish Hoek or Simon’s Town. I must be honest and admit that hubby and I did think it was all sewage from the area and how are the locals swimming and surfing in it without a second thought. Turns out it’s caused by a naturally occurring seawater algae causing the discolouration.

Two Oceans
Photo Credit – Chevone from ChevsLife

Two OceansIf you have been to Cape Town you will know that the beach water is FAH-REEEE-ZING! Do you think this stopped our son from wanting to go in? No! A fellow Cape Town blogger Chevone from ChevsLife suggested we also visit Noordhoek Beach while we drove around. We did, OH MY WORD! We loved the beach. Found it loads warmer than the Fish Hoek beach we had spent a lot of time in. Until two weeks back we Chevone and I had “communicated” by leaving comments on each others blogs. Seeing as I was in the area she suggested we meet. What an awesome strong person, raising a stunning man in her son. My family totally enjoyed meeting you and your son! Thank you again for sharing all the fantastic points of interest in the area and making time to meet.

Two OceansOur family break was more than I could ask for., it was our son’s “first” flight where he actually knew what was happening and he could not hold back his excitement. Loved that we were not as strict with him as we normally are. The accommodation was mostly stunning, no building to block the beautiful ocean views from bed or the daily train trips. My only gripe was that although a self-catering apartment there was no stove and oven. I love cooking for my family, it was my fault as I clearly didn’t read and assumed as it was self-catering these would be part of.

Now to work towards our next race and breakaway.



5 thoughts on “Our Two Oceans Break…”

  1. Awesome short break, probably one of our best yet ? Ok, there have been many but this one again was stunning…thank you DadE!

  2. Sounds like the perfect run-cation! Noordhoek beach is amazing, we have friends who live in the area, a short walk to the beach! Kids are brave, there is no ways you would find me in that water on any day but a heat wave!

    1. That’s the word I was looking for Meg 😊 run-cation! Sounds like you 3 are settling in beautifully in 🇮🇪 , how is your running going? London Marathon next year maybe?

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