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Letter to my hubby…YOU’RE AN AWESOME DADD!

Letter to my hubby

I don’t for a second believe you knew what you were getting into when I first approached you about becoming a dad. Even though without hesitation you agreed to join me on this adventure, somehow I doubt you actually knew what you were getting yourself into.

Although there were books that you had access to, quality time with my nephews, nieces, chats with mates and moms that shared their experiences with you, nothing prepares you for this journey called PARENTHOOD.

Fatherhood is a life changing experience and no one can prepare you for it.

You have grabbed this chapter by the horns and are giving it your all. Supportive during the first 12 months. Learning and adapting to a life I believe and you’ve shared, that you never in your wildest dreams thought you would experience.

Nothing prepares you for fatherhood

Quality time with mates for drinks, dinners at a fancy restaurant and jumping onto a plane and trotting over to a new destination at a moment’s notice you so loved. Yet, you’ve so comfortably traded it all for quality time with our son. You already functioned on minimal sleep, so the early morning wake-up calls for feeding, you embraced wholeheartedly.

Becoming a dad has been a journey of experiencing so many first. Your calmness through each milestone has been my strength when I have felt so in despair. The day our son started teething and his first fever, scary moments but with you, by my side, it has been a breeze. Together we’ve overcome potty training, bed wetting, the first day of schools and tantrums.

Having you work from home has been a “blessing” in disguise. A blessing I didn’t appreciate until now. As it’s allowed you to be there for our son when it may have been difficult otherwise.

There is no right way

The journey has been all and more than I had dreamt but not without its challenges. There have been more right than wrong decisions, but we’ve learnt from each moment.

Letter to my hubbyYou’ve taught me to breathe more.

You’ve taught me to appreciate each special moment with our son.

I love how you’ve embraced this journey so much, it’s beautiful to see the love between you and our son.

How the children from our mates love to be around you. Cuddling and just bonding with  you, I guess as kids are, they understand how you love being cuddled and the centre of attention … as only a Leo would 🙂

You’ve taught me that whatever I thought fatherhood was, isn’t a case of one shoe fits all. Rather it’s a journey that we learn daily from and at times learning from our very own son and the mistakes we make.

THANK YOU for loving this journey as much as I do.

THANK YOU for loving our son so much and unconditionally.

THANK YOU for protecting him no matter what.

THANK YOU for setting an example of what being a father is about.

THANK YOU for your love for our family.

THANK YOU for being such an amazing dadD to our son and husband to me!

We love you.



4 thoughts on “Letter to my hubby…YOU’RE AN AWESOME DADD!”

  1. I feel the same way about having my partner alongside me on this parenthood journey. Really – if it wasn’t for my husband, I would probably be a grumpy mother. He reminds me to chill.
    And yes, no one is prepared for parenthood – well I wasn’t, no matter how many books you read 🙂 Great post!

    1. Thank you Melissa. 😊
      I’ve come to accept that it’s a beautiful journey to be enjoyed. You only get this chance with the kids, best to make the most of it…

  2. Being blessed with a son is such a privilege and responsibility that I now have because of you and that is your greatest gift to me. Fatherhood is a journey I never considered and never gave much thought to but I am so happy that it was something you wanted more than anything else. We really have seen each other at our worst, rancid vomit all over us, tantrums in Pick n Pay, fevers, tears that you don’t understand, our son has made us stronger and I am so glad to share it all with you. I will never be able to thank you enough for making me believe that I have enough to offer someone who needs us more than we would ever be able to offer as individuals. Life certainly has changed for me but it’s without a doubt for the better and I wouldn’t change or exchange our family for anything in the world…I love you!

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