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Why we chose Swimming lessons over Judo..

Why we chose Swimming lessons over Judo..We’re into week 3 of school this year and that means the start of the extramural activities. Last year our young man participated in KidiSports as we wanted him to be participating in an activity that would benefit his whole body and mind.

Being new to the structured school system and parenting of a toddler, we weren’t too sure what activity to put him into. KidiSport seemed like the perfect fit. I still do believe it was the best decision last year. 

A year later, and more educated as parents, we decided to pay more attention to what the school offers already and find an activity that would bring balance to our son’s life. After the school’s intro morning to the extramural activities on offer, we had decided initially decided on Judo to compliment the school’s PE class that is already part of their school curriculum.

Last minute change to start swimming


Our son had started when he was 6 months old but hated it. Crying from almost the start of the lesson, so we decided to stop until he was a little older.

Fast foward to 2015, we put him into a new swim school.

From the first swim, he showed much enthusiasm and loved the teacher. With an immune system that is still developing, he always had a runny nose. We stopped swimming again. For some reason when we moved schools, swimming got forgotten last year.

December 2016 holidays I decided to start swimming with our young man. He loved watching what other toddlers did in the pool and wanted to mimic them. Picking up from where he had stopped at the last swimming school he seems to be enjoying swimming wanting to go to the local gym and swim given half a chance. He seems a lot more confident as well around the pool.

He can now get to the bottom of the pool (shallow end) and get back up.

He loves that he has to keep kicking and breath out through his nose, this is still work in progress.

He loves kicking with the board.

Trying to get him to doggy paddle …well that’s where I decided it was time to get help.

Why swimming?

Besides the fact that I love swimming and that our son seems to be loving it too, our main concern for opting out of Judo was because over the holidays we were at a friend’s house who has a pool. Our son wanted to jump in the minute we got there. Prior we had gone to one of the school birthday parties and the same reaction to the pool. Immediately hubby and I had to be alert. Less wine and beer just in case…

I’ve read so many stories about children who have lost their lives in the pool, to be honest, it’s one of my biggest fears.

He doesn’t need to be the fastest.

He doesn’t need to swim perfectly.

Why we chose Swimming lessons over Judo..He does need to know how to keep himself afloat!

He does need to know how to play safely in the pool.

He does need to know how to get himself out and into the pool safely.

He is off to his first lesson this week.

We managed to get him into the same school he was at when in playschool and fortunately with the same coach he still speaks fondly of.  It will cost a little more than the other extramural activities offered by the school, but you know what, his life is worth so much more!


The truth of the matter

Hubby and I won’t be able to always be there to protect him, but I believe that we can empower him to be able to save himself in those instances.


Can your toddler swim?





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  1. Very wise decision me thinks E…you have done amazing work with him in the pool already so with tutoring from Nicki it can only get better in leaps and bounds…super excited to see how it goes this semester.

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