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Two proud dads … and a bike

Father and Son

Welcome to 2017, this being my first post this year.

Can you believe that by next week the first month of the year is over!

Although I started work mid-way through the month, it feels like I’ve already been back one-quarter already.

How has your first month been?

We stayed home for the holidays. Didn’t really see the point of travelling to any of the coastal cities and paying triple the price, queue for ice-cream for at least 10 minutes when we can travel later in the year and pay less and queue for a shorter time.

Staying home had other benefits, besides the cost elements.

Firstly the parental-in-laws moved up from Cape Town, so it was great for us to spend some time with them and for our young man and them to interact and form a bond. Living so far from both set of Father and Songrandparents can be confusing to our son I am sure. Especially as we’re always mentioning them to him, but he never sees them.

As a family, the three of us managed to spend some quality time and actually just relax. No work stress. No schedules to keep. I actually managed to also relax with keeping the house too clean as the lady that helps us was also on a well-deserved break with her family.

Proud dads …

Hubby and I are extremely proud of our young man. He did really well at school and brought home a raving report. Although at this stage they don’t really “fail” it was great to read all the amazing achievements he made over the year.

We got our son a bigger bike for his birthday which he mastered riding with the training wheels pretty fast. He was riding with so much confidence that I started prepping him to venture into riding on two wheels only.

Initially, he wouldn’t hear any of it. It didn’t matter how we sold it to him, he wanted to hear none of it.

I had to find a way of convincing him.

The last day of 2016 we were outside letting him burn some energy when I decided to see if bribery would convince him. I know… I .. KNOW … but he was ready and just needed a nudge.

He agreed to have ONE wheel removed first. Progress!Father and Son

Ten minutes later both were off and he was riding around like he was a pro!

The day after we went out cycling again, but initially we weren’t sure he would recall what he did the day before. He was like fish in water, he was on that bike with so much more confidence. At one point he was even riding around holding the handlebars with one hand.

Now it’s back to school and work.

Our son seems to have settled in great into his new year with minimal fuss which is great! Time to consider what post-school activity he is going to take part in this year. We’re looking at Judo, Drama and Music, Cooking.

Hope you had a great break!