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Toddler and the sugar rush … is it real?

Sugar Rush

You always hear about a toddler being hyper or on a sugar rush, if we feed them too much sugar infused snacks. Up until recently, I honestly didn’t believe it to be true. Perhaps, to be honest, I thought our son was immune to it. until recently that is…

Recently we began to notice a huge change in behaviour after the Friday post school ice-cream and early evening hot chocolate or Milo. He went into an overactive mode, wanting to jump around when he should be getting ready for bed. Screaming and crying like someone has done him extreme harm, and everything we tried to calm him down just didn’t seem to work.

On Friday’s hubby used to treat him to an ice lolly, but as soon as it was finished he became a different person. Blaming everyone that it was finished. Screaming and shouting. Until recently we had brushed it off as him being over tired.

Did you know fruit juice contains concentrated amounts of fruit sugar

Hubby and I relooked at what we had done when these behaviour changes happened. It always seemed to occur straight after a sugar feed! We immediately stopped the early evening cup of Milo or hot chocolate and the Friday after school ice lolly, and we’ve noted a huge difference. The evening meltdowns seem to have stopped.

Sugar RushWe haven’t stopped all the sugar treat, but we are now controlling the amount he consumes and when it happens. Hubby has started checking how much sugar the items we buy has and looking for alternative with less sugar content. The fruit juice we give our son is already diluted, again to cut the sugar content. According to pediatrician Dr. Barbara Frankowski …

  • No fruit juice for babies under 6 months
  • No more than 6 ounces/180ml a day for babies 6 months to 1 year
  • No more than 6 ounces /180ml a day for kids 1 to 6
  • No more than 12 ounces /355ml a day for kids over 6.

There’s more veggies in his meals.

He is finally embracing some fruits. We’re not there yet, but at least he is finishing the apples, bananas and the dried fruit we give him.

Besides attempting to reduce the number of meltdowns due to the sugar rush, yep it’s pretty real! Our other concern was the possibility of contributing to him developing Type 2 diabetes.

Has your toddler had sugar rush meltdowns? How have you managed it?



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  1. Yor your kid sounds scary when he is high on sugar. My kid is 11 months, I try to feed her lots of apples and bananna – because it taste sugary to her. Last night she threw a tantrum because I gave her a chippie (those flings stuff) before an apple and she didn’t want her apple. She wanted more chips 🙂 I gave in.

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