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Kanitha shares a few last words on her Breast Cancer Experience…


Breast Cancer SurvivorOctober was Breast CANCER Awareness month. That said, I asked a friend and colleague who has been on this journey for the last 12 months to share what her experience has been like.

This last segment is from a different direction. We asked her loved ones to share too, how the experience affected them.

Thank you so much Kanitha to you and your family, for sharing this personal journey with me and my readers.

Wishing you only God’s Grace and healing…

HKL – What went through your mind when your mom told you she had breast cancer? 

S – I was shocked at first. I didn’t know what to do, what to say or react. Completely shocked. Now I am happy and relieved it is all gone and done with.

K – Honestly, I knew before my mum told us. I just knew something didn’t feel right. I was in denial until my mum told u. I was scared, actually terrified of losing someone who is literally my everything, all I have and all I need. I knew that I had to stay strong and be there for her. There were some days where I felt like everything was going to fall apart but my mum was strong, somehow she managed  to keep us together and now I feel appreciative and hopeful that everything will be okay.

SKI was in shock and hurt, I did not know what to do. I knew I had to be strong for her and help her get through this challenge. Today she is my inspiration for being so strong and a tough soldier.


Breast Cancer AwarenessHKL – What went through your mind when Kanitha told you she had breast cancer?

Debbie HMMMMM!!! Worst was the fear of death. Then worrying about the physical part of taking care of her but as it turned out it was so easy. The emotional part was scary. How do I help her cope with the pain and after effects of the chemo? Then I remembered a verse from the Bible – Be Still and know that I am God. I held to these words as they somehow managed to instill peace within me, assuring me that it was under control. 

When the doctor mentioned there was a need for more chemo, I was taken by surprise as I had somehow assumed that after the first batch of chemotherapy it would all be over. No need for more. We survived the first session and I was sure we would manage the second batch. We had come this far, we would manage the next session. Besides, I firmly believe the journey is almost over. Sun will shine again. We will be victorious. 

HKL – Has her journey made you curious about cancer?

KYes, it has. We even did a project at school where we did research on Breast CANCER. I’ve certainly become more aware of this disease and how it can impact an individual.

HKL – Your chemo sessions have reduced does that mean that the treatment dosages are stronger?

KMI now go once a month. Each chemo treatment is different. The current dosage does not stronger in comparison to my earlier dosage. I assume because it’s in a different form compared to my first chemo session. I know it doesn’t make me feel as drained and weak post treatment, as I did with the first lot. The effects are also not as severe.


HKL – Why did you start Radiology, how often and how long will it last for?

KMRadiation was part of my treatment plan as these breast cancer cells were very aggressive and could multiply and spread fast. We had to include radiation as part of the treatment in order to ensure that any traces of CANCER that the chemo may not have killed were fried away. I had 38 daily sessions and these are now done.


HKL – How long before you find out if you’re now cancer free?

KMI have to go for a mammogram and sonar every six months. my last one was clear however I’m still on treatment. My next one is due in March, by which time my treatments will be over so I guess March will be the right time to call me Cancer free… InshaAllah.


HKL – When does treatment end?

KMMy monthly treatments end March 2017, however, I will be on daily chemo tablet for the next 5 years.


HKL – What advice would you give to women about breast cancer?

KMGo for regular checkups, mammograms and act fast if you suspect something is wrong.

We are all different and respond differently to treatment. What works for me, may not work for the next person. Listen to your body! There will be many who will offer you “wisdom” take caution and consult with your doctor before you attempt any. You do not want to compromise your healing process. Don’t be forced or feel pressured into anything. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor questions. Please do NOT consult with Dr. Google! Listen to them and follow their instructions, in need do go for a second opinion.

BELIEVE in yourself! TRUST yourself! LOVE yourself.

Never give up! Fight to beat the CANCER!



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  1. It is my pleasure E. The more people we can share this with to create awareness the better. Thank you for being my platform to do so and allowing me to be brave enough to share. More importantly for being an amazing support during my journey and listening to all my stories. I am truly grateful to have you as a friend. Lotsa lurve

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