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Technology Q&A

To end the technology week we have a short Q&A session….

  1. How many times a day do you check social media?
    • Too often, I have my main SM platforms opened on the laptop, phone and tablet… ALWAYS!
  2. Which is your favourite Social Media platform?
    • hmmm.. that’s a hard one. If I have to pick one I’d go with Twitter as it gives me a little bit of what the others do. Photos, and what’s happening in the world.
  3. How much data/wifi do you spend a month?
    • Unlimited at home, and I have very limited on my phone and tablet for those “emergency” I have to share moments when I’m not at home or work.
  4. Have you made any long-lasting friendships online?
    • Actually come to think I have literally a handful of mates I met online, who have become real life friends.
  5. How many times a day do you post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook?
    • Instagram – once to twice daily max
    • Twitter – normally once daily unless there’s breaking news I want to share
    • Facebook – at least 5 times
  6. Do you snap?
    • I’d downloaded the App a while ago, but only really started playing around with it last week.
  7. Do you always have your phone with you?
    • Mostly yes, but there are times I take a break from it… I need me some “ME TIME”
  8. Who would you trust with your passwords?
    • NO ONE!
  9. Do you use social media as a business tool?
    • Not yet.
  10. How careful are you on social media?
    • I do my best to think 100 times before posting or resharing.
  11. Do you google everything?
    • Yep, I google a lot.
  12. Is your mum/dad on Facebook?
    • Mum is, dad isn’t interested at all.
  13. Do you get your news on Social Media or from an online news platform?
    • Mainly Twitter, I find it’s my most up to the moment source of news – local and international.
  14. Do you have Pinterest? What do you use it for?
    • I do, sauce of inspiration.
  15. Did you have a MySpace account?
    • I do, just don’t ask me to log in.
  16. Do you follow trends you see online?
    • I guess I might on the odd occasion, stuff that I may find inspirational and adds value to my life.
  17. Have you ever made something by following a blog post or YouTube video?
    • Yes, I enjoy baking thanks to blog posts I’ve managed to bake a cake or two following recipes I’ve found online.
  18. Who are your favourite Instagram users?
    • I don’t have specific users I enjoy, as long as it’s fitness, food or family related
  19. Do you remember your first email address?
    • Yep it was on HOTMAIL.COM
  20. Do you use Skype and how often do you video call?
    • I used to Skype and video call plenty when I was single and mingling. Now I use Skype mostly for work but no video calling.


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