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Possible side effects of digital world and social media …

My favourite Apps

As a family, we’re very into our gadgets and technology . We all have our favourite Apps and times to engage with technology .

If not managed, the digital world has some serious side effects.  

Where our son is concerned, it’s extremely easy to leave him playing on the iPad, because it just means that we’re then able to get loads done without him competing for our attention. Yes, the iPad becomes the nanny. The problem here though is that our son then just plays with the iPad. There’s no development of any of the other areas in his life that are important such as social skills, bond with us his parents, development of his core from playing outdoor with the soccer ball .

There are articles one can read and watch of examples of where people have been targeted following engagements on Social Media. I’m always wary of over-sharing information online, without allowing it to rule me. Now that we’re parents, this has become extremely important in our lives. It’s important to make sure that your profiles are secure, and that you manage your friend requests.

I’m sure you have at one time or other entered a room or bus or restaurant only to find that everyone has their head down, totally consumed by their gadget. There’s also instances where everyone around a table is so consumed with their tablet on social media that no one is speaking to anyone. Food  ends up cold, and what was meant to be an evening to engage with another human … isn’t.

I’ve also found that today we say we’re going to bed, but actually we’re just saying that we want to be excused so that we can catch up with social media and emails. You end up in bed at 7h30PM but actually only end up sleeping around midnight. You wake up tired and short-tempered because you’ve not rested well, because, although you’ve finally put the gadget down your mind is still processing much of what you got engaged with.

Although technology and the amazing Apps make life easier for us, it can consume you, then again that’s with much in life.


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