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Our family’s favourite Apps …

My favourite Apps

It’s unreal the volume of Apps that exist in the App Store (Apple) and Google’s Play Store (Android), the ones I tend to frequent more. There seems to be an App for anything you can think of. Some of them work great, then you have those that are constantly crashing more a frustration than a pleasure to use them.

I’m going to share with you some of my favourite Apps at the moment.

My favourite Apps


I really LURVE this App as it’s my go-to source for all things I either don’t have a clue about or would like more information about.

Now that I have a child in the house that loves the iPad and knows his way around this particular App, I am thrilled that I can change the settings so that it is child-friendly. Now when he starts searching for his favourite clips, no inappropriate clips are suggested.

My favourite App


With a toddler in the house, I’m always taking pictures of our son on Instagram and sharing them with the world like many bloggers out there. Sometimes though I come across photos other users share with the world too, and I like to repost them on my timeline.

This App is called Repost Fast for Apple and Repost for Androids. There are others, but I find these work best for me.

My favourite Apps


Besides being a dad and husband I enjoy staying fit too when I’m granted some spare time. Strava works for me as I’m able to see how my friends down the road are doing with their own fitness. How far they ran, cycled or swam over the weekend.

I can also take part in global challenges e.g. Run a number of 10kms in the month as well as find individuals that I feel are at about my level of fitness or just slightly fitter and use their results to push myself to train harder. The best for me is that I can create new running routes and save them for others to use.

My favourite Apps


This has been our son’s favourite for the last two-year. He has mastered the game and knows how to move from one scene to the next with ease.

When I played it the first few times with him, I thought I was doing great. Just watching him at three playing it with so much ease and actually showing me how he knows how to pass through flaming obstacles etc. amazes me.

Needless he detests when it’s upgrading time as it means he can’t play the game for a while.

My favourite Apps


I found this App fun to aid our young man in developing his early learning abilities with letter and numbers.

We introduced it to him at about 18 months to introduce numbers and letters, as well as develop his Fine Motor Skills.

It’s still one of his favourite, especially now that he associates with what he is learning at school.


I got this App to introduce the different sounds animals make to our son.

It’s fast became one of his favourites, so much so that at times I had to switch off the WiFi just to get me a bit of a break from all the mehs, moos, and quacks …

The awesome part to the App though is that our young man is awesome at recognizing the different animals and the sounds they each make.


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