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The impact of technology on my life …

Impact of technology on my life

I totally love the concept of technology, gadgets and Apps that help make my life that bit easier most of the time. Just the other day I ordered a gadget not because I needed it but merely because … well, you never know, you may need it tomorrow.

Technology has allowed me to be able to stay connected to the world 24/7/365 . Through the use of these gadgets and Apps, I’m able to stay abreast with what’s happening to my family across the globe, keep up to date with world current affairs and connected to colleagues across different time zones.

Whenever my son introduces something new to our world, as toddlers do, or when I’m asked something I have little knowledge of, it’s not to the encyclopaedia that I turn to today. Google accessed again via one of my many gadgets gives me almost instant access to the information I need.

Some of the Apps today supports me on my fitness journey. I’m able to connect with other runners, cyclists, swimmers across the globe and right up the road from me for motivation, and setting new goals pushing me closer to my fitness goals.

It amazes me how quickly our young man has adapted to the world of technology. There have been instances that at his tender age, he has taught me a thing or two too.

I love technology and how it has made life easier in many aspects of my life.


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