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CHARITY : Vote for our son and support the ENIWE Children’s Fund at the same time

My Family
My Family

Hubby decided to enter our young man into a competition. Not just any old competition either it seems, this one has a great cause linked to it.

Besides the amazing prize money of R100,000 (South African Rands) or just under US$7,000 at today’s exchange rate, your vote also contributes towards a cause. The ENIWE CHILDREN’S FUND go on over to their website for more details on the wonderful that the organization does.

So, if you’re living in South Africa, yep these short dial numbers are country specific, this is how you vote:

SMS jeremy1 to 42002 to allocate 30 votes to him and donate about R30 towards the fund

SMS jeremy1 to 38850 to allocate 5 votes to him and donate about R10 towards the fund

SMS jeremy1 to 35009 to allocate 1 votes to him and donate about R3 towards the fund

The voting can only be done from within South Africa, but … you know what! You can still support the ENIWE Children’s fund by clicking here from ANYWHERE in the world! Go on, you know you want to 🙂