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Why it’s important to develop your child’s ball skills…

Child development ball skills

Our son has been on holiday for a week now, we survived it somehow with little to no complaints of being bored or being asked to go to school. When he asks to go to school, it’s a clear sign to us that he is now bored with being at home.

He received his first official school report at the end of last term. Overall he was a star, but I guess at this level of school they are all stars right πŸ™‚

There was however, an area that he requires some focus on. His ball skill, that is his ability to catch, bounce, throw and kick a ball for example requires a little more attention.Β At his age he should already start to be comfortable catching a ball the size of a tennis ball.

By improving his ball we’re helping develop his :-

  • hand-eye and foot-eye coordination
  • sense of timing
  • balance

Activities that we will be attempting over the holidays to improve his ball skills will include:-

  • kicking and chasing a ball around the garden
  • trying to catch a ball – about the size of a balloon – with both hands
  • pushing and rolling a beach ball around the garden on the grass and up a wall
  • use a rolled newspaper to bat the beach ball around the garden
  • throw a ball into the air and catching it
    • start with a beach ball and drop the size of the ball until he is catching a tennis ball

Loads of fun for both our young man, dadD and our helper. Well I’m hoping that they will be able to create a few awesome mornings and/or afternoons with our young man improving his ball skills. On the weekend it will have to be our son and I at the local park kicking around the ball, my contribution πŸ™‚

Are there any other ball skills you’ve used with your toddler?

I’m sure that if we make it fun for our son, he will embrace all the ball activity. We all just need to have the patience with him as it’s all for his benefit in the end. Blows my mind how something so simple has a sizeable list of consequences if not addressed early.




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