Finding Dory… the movie

Finding Dory with Discovery Vitality - Photo Credit Discovery
Finding Dory with Discovery Vitality – Photo Credit Discovery

Last week Wednesday Discovery Vitality posted about the free screening of Finding Dory for its Vitality Members. We recently introduced our toddler to the Cinema world, so this was a super treat.

I was a little hectic at work, called hubby to see if he could call and book us some seats. He had a few minutes to spare after a few back and forth calls for more information that was required from Ster Kinekor we had booked our FREE seats for the movie.

Saturday could not have arrived any sooner. Our son would confirm literally every 30 minutes if we were going to the movies.

We arrived at the Rosebank Ster Kinekor to an awesome welcome from the Discovery Vitality Team. After a quick registration, we were directed to the popcorn and water table. They were scoring huge brownie points with our young man. Movies, popcorn .. could there be more?

Discovery Vitality Gift

Yes, there was …..

Just before the movie started Darren one of the Discovery team members that had braved the early start chatted to us … ok more to the kids in attendance for about two minutes and then picked seat numbers. If you were lucky your seat would have rewarded you with a surprise gift pack from Discovery.

Our little boy was super happy when his seat was called out! Ok ok ok .. I was the one jumping about with excitement .. thank goodness he isn’t of age yet to tell me to take a chill pill because I am embarrassing him ๐Ÿ™‚

The movie was very engaging, so much so that our young man can’t stop mentioning different parts from it. So awesome to hear him share and asking if we remember this and that about Dory’s adventure to finding her parents. Totally one for the family!

Thanks Discovery for the spoils, needless to say Mickey Mouse is now the favourite and follows him everywhere!



3 thoughts on “Finding Dory… the movie”

  1. It sounds like your son appreciated the movie as a movie – rather than assimilated it as his own life. There is a warning being circulated on FB for adoptive parents to prepare their children before taking them to see Dory. I am not a parent so I stand corrected when I say, “sometimes adults don’t trust children enough”. Enough not to think every fairy tale or cartoon or movie is about them.

    Glad you didn’t have to sit your son down to prepare him for potential psychological misunderstanding. Perhaps he is too young. Whatever the reason, I am glad he enjoyed the movie.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I had not seen the warning, but appreciate why the warning. Had I seen it I believe we would still have gone, and addressed any situation that may have arisen from it. Daily life exposes our child to scenarios that may lead to questions. We won’t lie, but will respond age appropriate. I think that as adults we sometimes over analyse life. Our son in principle enjoyed a movie and learnt that an octopus has three hearts amongst other things I am sure. We need to enjoy life and deal with life challenges as and if they arise, constantly trying to avoid potential pitfalls will drive us insane.

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