Father's Day

Father’s Day…


“It is not flesh & blood, but the heart which makes us fathers and sons” – Johann Friedrich von Schiller

19th June is Father’s Day but it’s “spoil dad day” at our son’s school tomorrow. I understand from hubby that he has informed the class teacher that we will both be attending. The class teacher confirmed no issues with us both attending, after all, he has two dads. The deputy head though had assumed that only I would be attending as hubby had attended the Mother’s Day spoils. Why would only one of us attend a “Father’s Day” event at the school? Are we not after all both his dad? A bit of trying to box us me thinks? Who’s the woman and who’s the man in the relationship scenario… I’m super glad to hear that the class teacher managed to educate the deputy head, a bit of stating the obvious. The deputy head’s response came about because hubby attended the Mother’s Day spoils last month… I’m glad to see that she did not make an issue of it and is adapting to what is our family reality and that of a growing number of families here in South Africa.

Now I recall growing up that we made more of a fuss over securing really great presents for our mother than we did for our dad. Was it much different in your home growing up or for that matter now that you have a family of your own? For some reason, it was always socks or underwear that dad was given growing up. No ties as he really didn’t need them. Have things changed?

It takes a strong man to accept somebody else’s child and step up to the plate another man left on the table 

I did some online search to see and found some really interesting gifts that you can order online from the comfort of your home or office and have it delivered before next week Sunday for Father’s Day. I don’t believe that one should be going overboard with presents on Father’s Day, leave that rather for dad’s birthday, but if you insist .. by all means … I have been bombarded with a few emails from stores announcing what they have on special for this Father’s Day. Below some items, I found that could make great gifts under R1000 for the father figure in your life…

TAKELOT.COM  (pictures not of actual items)

laptop bag


I found the Bossi Laptop Bag and Wallet set stunning.

For the dad that’s more into braais, they have an amazing Wood set on special too.








MRP.COM  (pictures not of actual items)




Have a few items I liked at really cool prices.

They have flannel sleep pants for dads in awesome colours.

We never have enough denim and they have a nice variety.

To complement both in these rather cool evenings stunning sweaters too!

Woolies (pictures not of actual items)

travel mug

Leather belt

I perhaps need both these, as they were the items that stuck with me when I visited this online store.

Travel mug for your coffee when you travel into work in these cold mornings and a leather belt to secure the denim pants.

These are just some of the items I found that deviated from the usual underwear, socks and tie gift many dads tend to receive .. I didn’t forget about the soap-on-a-rope .. I recall my dad had a million of those at one point! Sad!

Please do stay away from the cologne gift packs too .. that’s just so yesterday and for me just says .. I didn’t have time so just be grateful .. NO! NO! NO!

Better still, just make sure you make the dad or mum that plays this role, in your life feel extra special this Father’s Day.

Fatherhood requires love, not DNA!

Have fun!

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  1. Great post! Totally agree with you on the “cologne packs are so last year!” 🙂

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