Sneak Preview – Money Monster.. the movie


Exactly a week back I was browsing, as one does on a Friday afternoon waiting for home time when I came across a competition for movie tickets on 2Oceansvibe.

I entered it.

Monday I received an email confirming that I had been successful, and had tickets, popcorn and a drink waiting for us on Thursday. Us being four friends and me 🙂 None of us had been to movies in a very long time, so this was a real treat. Perhaps things have really changed since I was last at the movies, but it seems that 1. either no one respects pre-allocated seat numbers anymore or 2. I’ve not been to enough premiers where the tickets is mos just to guarantee you get the Popcorn and Coke 🙂

Shakir and I

Before the movie started we had a few words a the dude from Stuff magazine who I assume was hosting us for the evening on behalf of 2Oceansvibe. the group

One advert which was great.

We all comfortable.

Time to watch the movie we had all clearly won tickets to.

The movie – Money Monster.

Main stars – Julia Roberts and George Clooney, something for everyone I thought 🙂

Although sold as a thriller .. I’m not totally convinced it falls entirely into that category. For me it felt more drama. It starts off as a hostage situation because of a high-tech stock that crashes without a real story behind it. As the story unfolds Lee Gates (George Clooney) and Kyle (Jack O’Connell) end up supporting each other to unravel the truth behind the web of lies that led to the crash.

I found the movie engaging from start to finish, really worth checking out in my opinion.

Thank you #2oceansvibe & #sonymoviessa for the tickets and popcorn!

Here’s the trailer…