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My Music Playlist …


Music to my ears
Music to my ears

A while back I joined a group on FB called The Blog Tag. The whole idea is for members to receive inspiration from writing prompts shared weekly for their blogs. This one of the prompts .. yep “My Music Playlist” .

I really enjoy listening to music, but then again I firmly believe that music has an amazing ability to unite people. Do you recall how Shakira managed to unite not only South Africa but the World during the 2010 Soccer World Cup?

Here’s a bit of a refresher, just in case you forgot. What an awesome time!

In the spirit of sport, the playlist I’m sharing has to do with me and my time at the gym. I find it spirits me on in all my workouts .. specifically my own spinning sessions.

  1. Warm Up – Nao me toca by Anselmo Ralph (whoever did the translation didn’t do too great a job)
  2. I’m warmed up and ready to go – All I wanna do is make love to you – Heart (sadly I could not find the remix version I listen to .. but this gives you an idea)
  3. I’ve now hit a serious hill with a flat here and there but mostly climbing – Naughty Boy – Runnin’ – Beyoncé
  4. The climb isn’t over yet .. damn it’s a long hill – 2nd hand heart – Ben Haenow & Kelly- Clarkson
  5. Last bit of climb .. I think – Ocean Drive – Duke Dumont
  6. Finally a breather, made it to the top and started down the other side – Let your love flow – Bellamy Brothers
  7. Keep pedalling hard down the other side – Bailar – Deorro 
  8. Finally on a flat road – You to me are everything – The Real Thing
  9. I see the finish line up ahead – So you win again – Hot Chocolate
  10. Done, warm down and stretch – Back to the beach – Shekhinah & Kyle

Putting that all here, I feel like I finished spinning!



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    1. hehe glad you enjoyed it. There are a few that the Youtube version isn’t quite the remix I listen to, but you at least get the idea. Enjoy!

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