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My First Date Story …

A while back I joined a group on FB called The Blog Tag. The whole idea is for members to receive inspiration from writing prompts shared weekly for their blogs. This week’s theme is Date Week, and the first prompt this week is .. yep “My First Date Story” .

Hubby and I lived in different cities .. but not only that different countries too. We had met in a different time and different lives in 1999. FastForward to October 2001.

We had been chatting all day via email, when out of the blue, at about 2pm he asks me if I’m keen to travel to Johannesburg. I look at the watch and tell him that even if I wanted to get into my car and drive over, by the time I left the office it would be quite late. I’d reach him after 10pm only to drive back early morning to arrive at the border just as they opened at 7am so that I made it back to the office on time for the next day at the office. No, as tempting as the idea was .. it just wasn’t realistic.

Next minute he calls me and asks if I’m open to the idea of flying up to see him. Hell yeah! I quickly called a friend at the local travel agency to establish what time the last flight to Joburg left. I had time .. it only left at 17h30. I rushed home, got a change of clothes and literally flew down to the airport.

I arrived, there standing at the international arrivals area at the then Jan Smuts International Airport was my blue-eyed man. He looked so handsome. So dashing in his work attire. All I wanted was to hold  and kiss him, alas all I could do was receive his warm hug and hope that he would not let go. Until this point we had not met face to face as a couple that had started dating .. alas from afar…just days before.

He whisked us to the original Moyos restaurant in Norwood. The restaurant had a very eastern deco feel to it. We were shown to a very intimate booth by our waiter, that’s where we stayed for the rest of the evening. The world around us seemed to have stopped and only he and I existed.

We were like two teenagers. Couldn’t take our eyes off each other. As much as we wanted to touch and feel each other’s warm skin, we held back. Until here we had not even attempted to kiss. We were so engrossed with each other that we hadn’t realised we were the last two in the restaurant, that is until the waiter informed us that they needed to close.

The drive to his house was chatty and full of giggles. Lots of holding of hands, for it all just seemed surreal.

We arrived at his house. We parked and the garage door closed behind us.

From that point we could not keep our hands off each other. Let’s just say we did not sleep much.

We were up pretty early as I had to be at the airport by 5am. My flight left at 7am. I was back at my desk at work by 8h30 am. Still very much glowing from the after effects of the last few hours with the person that would 11 years later become my husband and dad to our son.

At the time, the Bold and Beautiful was the soapie to watch for me and many others I have no doubt 🙂 and what I had just experienced felt to me like a scene from an episode from that soapie. It was something Ridge would do for Brooke.

Yes, that’s how much I watched the damn soapie then….


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  1. Lovely first date story! 😊 and it does sound like an episode out of a soap. Great to have you on The Blog Tag. Xo Admin

    1. Appreciate the feedback Alfonzo. JJ is the centre of our universe 🙂 nothing but love for him. Thanks for popping by.

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