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Spoilt by hubby and son ..

So cold all weekend we opted to stay indoors all weekend. Hubby and our young man did not leave the house all weekend. Opting instead to stay under warm blankets and duvet catching up with emails, some iPad time, and baking. I left the house on Saturday for about an hour and bit, only because I had no choice, or I too would have stayed home all weekend too.

The benefit of all this was that we got to taste some long-awaited pancakes made by dadD. He surprised us by also making us some savoury muffins for breakfast on Saturday morning.

In this awesome duvet weather, it was the perfect condiment. Yesterday evening I tried our a “Pulled Beef” recipe I’ve been keen to try. Slow cooked it for 12 hours, real slow. We woke up this morning to a wonderful aroma, even if I have to say so myself, it warmed me up totally!

This morning the weather continued, along with it some rain. Up until this morning, I was still debating doing the RAC 10km run. The rain kinda made that decision for me. I was not that desperate for a run that I would go out into the cold and wet weather. Home and in bed surrounded by my family (hubby, son, Pepe and Bruna our Daschies) is where I wanted to be and stayed.

Hubby and son decided they were going to continue with their baking success from the previous day.

Off to the kitchen they went and baked us a storm. Chocolate muffins later served with hot coffee in bed. Yes, I was and continue to be totally spoilt this weekend. As if that wasn’t enough, they decided to also bake us some Coconut biscuits. Delish! They weren’t in the kitchen that long making them, so I’m guessing the recipe was really easy. Our young man loved that he got to also roll and ball them out before they went into the oven.

My only condition was that the kitchen should be left as clean as they had found it!

J, of course, took that too literally and felt that cleaning out the muffin bowl was required… clearly loved that 🙂

After all that excitement in the kitchen baking with dadD it was time to relax on the sofa for some iPad time and popcorn.

While these two men relaxed following all the kitchen activity it was my turn to contribute.

I finished off pulling the beef and completed the sauce that went with it and made some rice to compliment it.

Funny, as I write today’s entry I realise that we did the complete opposite of what we normally do on the weekend. Really seems like we indulged this weekend. Comfort eating? Like seriously went overboard and turned this weekend into a full on cheat weekend .. not just a day 🙂

This all just means of course, that the coming weekend the diet will go into full mode from Monday and I’m guessing I need to also find a race to run on the weekend.

It’s now just past 17h00, that means getting ready for the new week and all it promises to share with us.

Just realised our young was the most relaxed I’ve seen him over a weekend, not once asking to leave the house .. weather maybe or perhaps just loving having his dads around him at the same time 🙂

Lastly, I saw this really feel good story that took place literally up the road from me. It helped warm up this cold afternoon.

Have an awesome start to the week!



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  1. Bring on more weekend’s like this past weekend, we are probably too hectic most of the time so it was nice to just exist and spend 48 hours pyjama’s but ja, unfortunately it all starts again tomorrow…thanks for the love, love…mwah!

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