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Pedaling from Cape to Cairo with GAVEN SINCLAIR

Gaven Sinclair popped into my radar when he met up with some mates of mine out in Mozambique, and posted on FB that he was with them. I checked with my friend Cila if she was the person in reference, she was. Since then, I’ve followed Gaven’s journey on his adventure through Africa. He isn’t on the back of a bakkie or 4×4. He is making his way on a bike, not a motorbike either! OUCH! It’s all for a great cause though 🙂

This journey is one of his dreams. Riding a bike from Cape Town, South Africa all the way to Cairo, Egypt! He isn’t riding just because he can. No, there’s a bigger reason. He embarked on this amazing adventure to raise funds and awareness for Missing Children South Africa. He has NO support vehicle or anyone else riding along with him. Yoh! Brave neh!?

On the 15th August 2015, with a mere R38.00 / +/-$3(2015) /+/-$2.50 (2016) in his pocket, Gaven set off from Muizenburg, Cape Town. He travelled along the South African coastline, before crossing his first border into Mozambique, followed by the borders of Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya. Next he was to cross into Ethiopia, but visa challenges had him doubling back into Kenya and reroute. He continued his cycling adventure by crossing into South Sudan. He is currently in Juba, South Sudan.

Gaven has been surviving on the kindness of others throughout, who have shared their homes, food and in some instances even support with fixing his bike so that he can continue on.

It has been awesome reading about how he is pedalling towards fulfilling his dream. Are you as brave? Your can read more about his adventures here, or follow him on FB and Instagram.

Your support is appreciated as this is a great cause. You can do this by donating to:

Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa

Gaven Sinclair

Branch Code: 051 001

Savings Account Number: 070 90 3530

Account Type: Current Account

Or donate directly to Missing Children South Africa 

Alternatively, if you have a MySchool card, why not add Missing Children South Africa (MCSA) as one of your three (3) beneficiaries? This way a small part of your transaction will be allocated to this organization when you make purchases and swipe your card at one of the participating retailers.

Safe travels on this amazing adventure and fulfillment of a dream Gaven!



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