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Mother’s Day Pamper session at school …

Work in Progress 2
Son hard at work on dadD’s feet

Two weeks back I wrote about the Mother’s Day pamper happening at our young man’s school today. Do you recall? No? Read about it here then 🙂

Earlier this week, all the moms and dad .. were briefed on what they needed to do before this morning. Bring a bucket or large bowl, a small towel and some nail polish by yesterday (Thursday). DadD had it sorted pronto and delivered yesterday afternoon to the class teacher.

This morning I was first to be dropped off at work, so that hubby and son could enjoy a Pre-Mother’s Day pamper session at the school.

Hubby informs me that they arrived to much buzz and excitement at the classroom.  A spread of Tea or Coffee along with muffins for the moms + dad, while biscuits, sweets, and crisps with water was set aside for our hard-working “beauty consultants”.

Finished Product 2
Finished work .. have to appreciate son’s handy work

DadD’s feedback …

It was very special and lots of fun ..

Felt right at home …

Clearly loving it 🙂

All the moms were super relaxed

Super glad to hear no fuss openly made 🙂

Glad I could be part of today with J …

Any reason to spend quality time with our boy 🙂

Just another opportunity for our bond with J to grow

The best part for me though, was this message from our son to dadD on the classroom wall ….


DadD's reward for all the love from son
DadD’s reward for all the love from son

One of those you can’t help but feel all fuzzy and warm inside.

Yes the teacher wrote the message, but the content…

The content is all our J.

DadD does love his coffee and water .. he’s making coffee every 5 minutes .. no joke 🙂 and drinking water the rest of the time.

Yes, hubby is pedantic about his eating routine…

Walking the dogs daily .. yep that’s their thing 🙂

Super special son!

It seems to have been a success.

Well done school, class teacher and class parents!

Next year, perhaps also find a way of including the children whose parents can’t make it because of life commitments, such as work. It’s easier to say the kids should rather not attend school, but that’s making your life as a teacher easier. What about the parent who has no alternative, no support structure close-by?

They pay school fees too and  it should not just be assumed that not taking their child(ren) to school is an option. Perhaps find a way of including all the children in the day? In all probability, there will be a special celebration on Sunday for the child’s mother. Instead of having the parent scramble around to find an alternative, or having to waste a day’s leave just to sit at home, schools wanting to pamper parents on these many days, should consider a more inclusive solution so no one feels out.

Have a super weekend!



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