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Two dads.. and Mother’s day at school …

Beach Time
Beach Time

Yesterday we received this terms first newsletter from J’s school, letting the parents know of the different activities planned for the term.

One of the items mentioned was the school’s planned Mother’s Day activity taking place in two weeks time. To be honest my heart skipped a beat .. honestly it did!

Last year I don’t believe J was at school when his old school had an activity planned for the celebration of mothers. If memory serves me right, he was off sick… for real!

This time round I am sure there’s no chance of that happening so he will be at school. What do we do? I can’t keep him from attending school, what kind of message will I be sending? These activities will occur for the next few years and we can’t be keeping him home just so he doesn’t feel “out” or different.

No! I planned to discuss it with hubby so that we agree on a solution. While hubby was in the shower I kinda mentioned it to him and jokingly suggested that he would have to attend. No excuses! I left it there. He just nodded. I doubt he really understood what I said, which was fine, because when the day arrives he will have no choice but to attend 🙂 unless I found a better solution.

While all this was happening, I was also wondering if there was a better idea. I can’t ask any of the aunts as they live too far away, and the same applies to the grans. I toyed with the idea of perhaps asking our amazing helper to jump in or perhaps my “work wife” both these super women embody the role of motherhood. Both through life’s many trials and curveballs, continue to balance work and family successfully, empowering their children single-handedly with minimum to no support from extended family members. On the drive to work though, it just didn’t seem the right thing to do.

J has two dads bringing him up…so one of us will be there! We will bring it up with the teacher and headmistress if need be…

I’d like to think that the school is extremely progressive. They beat us to it!

This morning our son’s teacher called hubby aside and enquired if he had seen the newsletter. She then cautiously mentioned that the school had decided to do things differently this year for Mother’s Day. There will be cake and tea, and the parents (mostly the mom’s with the exception of our J) attending would be treated to pedis and manis so she hoped at least one of us would make it!

WOW!! Just WOW!

Of course we will be there. As I’d earlier “conned” hubby into going anyway .. he is now scoring a pedi and mani .. DAMN! Did I mention that he made sure I was aware that HE was going .. and not me 🙂 Shame, he has been working super hard lately, so it will do him a world of good to be spoilt by our young man. I know that J will be super happy, and at the end of the day that is what this journey is all about .. making J happy!

Are you a single parent or same-sex couple with children? How do you handle these special days?



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  1. Just seen your post! There is no exception, you should both go to Mother’s Day! And then you both go to Father’s Day. There is no gender parent role in a child’s life. I have been to mothers days, fathers days even grandparents days because my kids had no dads nor grand parents! Who gives a toss what people’s perceptions are. My view is your precious boy has actively involved and loving parents😘😘😘 who cares who is mom or dad.

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