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Parent Picnic
Parent Picnic

Perhaps it is me with the chip .. but I’m really having a hard time with the class parents for our J’s class! Hubby was class parent in our son’s old school and I admired his efforts then, so I guess it is based on his performance that I’m on this trip… he did I great job, I could be biased but if you know me like my mates they will tell you that if I really think you’re f*@king up .. I will let you know!

Early in the year I wrote about how these moms addressed a letter to the parents here. Even before hubby had brought it up with our J’s class teacher, it had been addressed 🙂 I recall at the first class parent’s evening with the headmistress that there would a parents only event in the first term, for us all to get to know each other. It never happened. Now, I know we’re all busy but surely if you accept the role of class parent then you need to make sure you allocate time for that role?

At the end of term 1 we received a Whats@pp add to yet another group… I’m really get over these groups .. but that’s for another post. We were asked to mention if we preferred a braai or picnic on day 1 or day 2 … I’m all for democracy but give parents real choices like we braai at place X because of the child friendly environment or picnic at venue B because of their safety environment and lush green lawns where our children can run around freely? Not do we braai or picnic on day 1 or 2? Term 2 begins and we don’t hear anything more until the Friday(by the class moms) before the supposedly, democratically elected date for the event from the class mom’s …

 we having a picnic on Saturday at the school, from 9 – 12

Hmmm .. perhaps I missed a message …? Nope! There wasn’t a follow-up message to parents informing us that day 1 was selected because most parents were available. No message either, informing parents that a picnic was the more popular option. No message informing parents what to bring. I’m sure I’m not the only parent that uses the weekends to catch up with their errands? We’re so pedantic about receiving birthday invites in advance .. surely that rule applies to class events too organised by class parent? To be totally honest, I believe these mom’s have taken on more than they can handle. Once more we had the class teacher sending out a message to all parents about what to bring. Going through the shared pictures of the picnic .. I do believe I’m not the only parent that felt this way ..

I don’t recall there being a memo or message sent to parents about the role of class parents… if we accept a role, at least give it 100% of the effort it requires. Accept the role if you believe you can give the time. Right now, these moms are making it very clear that it’s more of a burden for them.. #justsaying

OK! done with my little biatch session!

DIL and BIL – grooming

Onto a different topic altogether .. Dad-in-law suffered a few heart attacks two weeks back and is in hospital recovering. Prayers are being answered as he is now out of ICU since last week.

He is recovering slowly, and resting well.

Not completely out of danger, as he needs to get much stronger before the doctors look at opening him up again and fixing him so that we have him around for a while longer.

His children and MIL have been at his bedside throughout.

The picture is of BIL giving DIL a shave, even when we not feeling 100% a little TLC does wonders to our soul.

I understand that the doctors and nurses are doing a great job of keeping him comfortable. He was at death’s door a week back .. but he is continuously showing great strength and recovering. He is being the man I’ve gotten to know .. resilient and strong!

Speedy recoveries … I need me a triple brandy and coke with you soon!