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Sports days are long …

Wednesdays are going to be extra long days for our young man. Ok it’s only another hour but knowing him, that hour feels like a whole afternoon for him. It was day 1 for him at Kidi Sportz. Although he seems to have had a grand time .. he was exhausted by the time it ended.

I watched for a few minutes just to see .. well if we’d made a good investment.

Standing there at the time, watching the group running around trying to roll tennis balls, throwing them into the air and attempting to catch the ball etc .. honestly I wondered WTF! Later as I related it all to hubby, I realised that actually.. there was logic to what they were doing. I guess then I was looking at it all from an adult’s perspective, hence my first reaction. Now, I realise that throwing the ball up such as, they would be working their cores, stretching their tiny bodies as far as they could reach. Rolling the balls on the ground .. again core I guess .. and working their tiny tummies too!?

Running around for 45 minutes, I am sure there was plenty of cardio work going for these tiny people. Yes, I admit that I may have been wrong and that we probably invested just fine for now.

Something else I learnt today while watching my son, was that he is still very much my baby with a fear that I will leave and not come back, I type that and feel my heart ache! For now at 3 I guess we’re still going to have to keep assuring him that we will be back as we love him way too much.

Nothing beats him running to me, wrapping his arms around my leg and with a huge grin on his face whisper “hello Mathe” to me! It doesn’t last too long, before he runs back to class with a huge grin on his face … but not before he says “Mathe you can’t leave, OK!”

Class finished and he was exhausted! I have no doubt that he went straight to bed and napped for an hour or two.

Today also showed hints that he may really enjoy soccer .. football. Let’s see how this terms goes with Kidi Sportz …