Good News

Warm News …

Good news 2There’s currently so much negative news going round that I found these … well refreshing … and thought I’d share it with you too 🙂 

First off last night while I sorted out supper for young J and I, I scrolled through FB to see if I’d missed anything between the office and home … I know .. I’m addicted to SM and feel the need to constantly be connected in case I miss something in that short drive home. I’m joking ..

Anyway first good news item I came across was this one posted on The South African website. It relates the Two Oceans Marathon, that happened over the Easter Weekend out in Cape Town, through the author Michael Vlismas eyes. South Africa is currently experiencing so much racial tension, that for me it was so refreshing to read a positive outlook on this amazing country I am privileged to currently call home.


Back in March this year, the media informed us that Starbucks would be opening two branches here in South Africa this month(April). One in Rosebank and the other at the Mall of Africa but no concrete dates.

This morning my “work wife” informed me that the Rosebank Starbucks will be opening its doors on the 21st of April! Starbucks also confirm it on their FB page. So if you’re into your coffees like I am, I am sure you are looking forward to them opening those doors!

wetwipesLiving and Loving tweeted today about 15 unusual usages for the wet wipe! It is supposed to be for the moms but a few for us dads too, I believe. I find these useful …. from my experience..

  • Blotting stains on our shirts or pants ..
  • Removing our children’s crayon artwork on our walls
  • Use them to clean your uses, those mornings you’re rushing off to an early meeting
  • At a fast food place, use it to wipe clean the table
  • Wipe your oily dashboard and steering wheel
  • Wipe your toddler’s bum, I find it easier than toilet paper for now 🙂
  • Clean your hands when you’re on the road
  • Wipe that phone or tablet you touched with you messy hand
  • Wipe old stains off your car seat (let’s not ask from what 🙂
  • Out at a sports event .. they great after using the toilets with no water

Head on over here to Kidsactivities if you want more ideas.

There was also news of two orphaned friends from Mozambique, now living in the US. Before being adopted they were depended on each other for support. That bond moved across oceans. They were family friends already before their parents passed on. Today, they are 18 and still as close as ever. Read more at the Huffington Post.

Closer to home, SPAR Women’s Challenge Grand Prix series announced this year that they are launching a mentorship programme for junior athletes. Basically the title holders will take a junior athlete and mentor them on training, strategy and other areas. Read more at SA Goodnews.