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BAcK to schooL

Back to School
Back to School

Term 2 started yesterday and I say that with a sigh of relief … not just for me but I think too for our young man! Last week he was already asking when he was going back to school and if his was missing him.

I had the honour of dropping him off yesterday and it went pretty smooth really. No tears. As I had to be at the office early for a conference call .. jumping around on tyres and a lazy walk to the class was not part of the plan. Thankfully there were no tears when I mentioned this. I really don’t know why hubby takes forever dropping him off when it’s his turn!? 🙂

This morning it was hubby’s turn and yes .. he took his time! I read the paper these days while I wait .. that’s how long he takes! I’m told they started off on the tyres this morning, then J turned around after a few steps and informed his dad that he was a “big boy” now, because of that he no longer would be climbing onto the tyres … oh dear me .. what have I done!

We had decided not to enrol our young man into any sports activities last term and focus more on him settling down into the new environment. We’re into term 2 and it’s time to decide what sports activity to enrol him into. There’s the Kiddie’s Sports option or Soccer for toddlers. This morning chatting to hubby we not so sure soccer will give him an all round physical activity that he needs. Kiddies Sport information and what we’ve managed to understand from the teachers and other parents really does seem to give our boy more and value for money – yes in these times one needs to be financially wise. Additionally, he will have a few more classmates in Kiddies Sport, let’s see. We will try it for a term and decide if there will be more.

Could J be jealous?

The oddest situation has arisen.

When we’re all together as a family, most of the time it’s all dandy. On the odd occasion we have situations where our J performs and whines for no reason. You say no to something he wants and it’s drama! Now the same scene played out when he is alone with just one of his dad’s, there’s no whining, no drama, no tears. We negotiate and everyone is happy. What’s up with that? Is he jealous? Is it that he is so accustomed to receiving 100% attention from us individually that he doesn’t know how to handle it when we’re all together?

I came across this article that suggest he could be exploring his boundaries. Which kinda makes sense to me. When he is alone with one of us, he knows what each is like and expects of him, because when we’re together he tries to get away with a little more .. I guess we’re all like that in life?! Here’s an extract from this site, which kinda confirms it…

“Crying and tantruming and testing Mommy(Dad) and Daddy’s respective limits and being irrationally difficult for no apparent reason, interspersed with periods of being the most delightful little person ever? Yeah. That’s nobody’s fault. That’s just a three-and-a-half-year-old.

From what I gathered, the some ways to handle these situations would be the below, and I kinda agree. I’m no pro, but these resonate with me and have worked.

  • Don’t fight or get irritated over the situation or because of the whining, this gives the child the wrong signal
  • Offer the child choices and stand by the decision taken by all
  • As hard as it will be, try to stay calm through the negotiations
  • IF at home, timeouts also help, follow this by a brief discussion to see if the child understood why there was timeout
  • IF it get’s too much, ask your other half to take over and go for a breather

Breath …

Good luck!



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  1. Yikes, it that stage in parenting. If it gets to much for me I usually end up kicking a washing basket, locking myself in the bathroom and breath, restraint and patience, bucket loads 🙂

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